MLM Training- MLM Recruiter? MLM Sponsor? MLM Baby Sitter? MLM Mentor?

Sep 7


Doug Firebaugh

Doug Firebaugh

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Whta type of role are you playing in Network marketing as far as recruiting? Read on- this is HOT!


There are many Leadership factors involved in building an mlm downline,MLM Training- MLM Recruiter? MLM Sponsor? MLM Baby Sitter? MLM Mentor? Articles but none are more frustrating than the roles a Network Marketing Leader can play when recruiting and engaging a new person in this business.We have a tendency to go from one extreme to the other. Ignoring the new person to practically living with them, and everything in between.There are 4 basic "leading" roles that you establish with your new person. As a Network Marketing Leader, you may move through all of these roles with each person you bring into your MLM organization.1) The Recruiter.2) The Sponsor.3) The Baby Sitter.4) The Mentor.1) The MLM RecruiterSo what exactly IS the difference between a recruiter and a sponsor?INFERNO Secret:I have always taught that recruiting is getting them in, and sponsoring is keeping them in. One is a defined process for getting them signed up the other is growing their greatness in this business.I never really got into a hairsplitting term. Call recruiting what you want, but understand:

INFERNO Secret:Network Marketing Recruiting is the Education and Influence Process of getting to the point of when you become their sponsor, and a lot people who recruit folks in this business forget the sponsor part.MLM Recruiting can be simply running the numbers, but that is how the average distributor does it. A Leader recruits to become a great sponsor and to build a long term relationship. Recruiting is the first phase of the MLM Leader Role, and Sponsoring is the second.2) The MLM Sponsor, is the second.When you have recruited them into your business, now you are their sponsor.INFERNO Secret:There is a reason why the word sponsor and responsibility have the same root word. It is your responsibility to become the Leader they need to create an environment for greatness, and for creating independence in your people.

That is Priority One!You must get them trained. A recruiter rarely takes the time for that because recruiters are focused on recruiting, not growing., signing them up, not growing them up. A Leader always grows people first, then the business.INFERNO Secret:Growing people produces the biggest MLM Success harvest in this MLM business!Be a great sponsor and take your new distributors where they want to go, but remember to also take them to the level of success you want them to lead them to.3) The MLM BabysitterAhhh! This is the sponsor who does everything for their downline, and completely disables their distributors and cripples their growth.You want to do it all. You don't think anyone can do it as good as you, and so, you do it all. And what happens?

INFERNO Secret:Babysitting creates a downline of babies. They never grow into their greatness in this business. They crawl through this business, and eventually out of it.You as a Leader must become a great sponsor, but understand there is a HUGE difference between Sponsoring someone, and Spoon Feeding them.

IFERNO Secret:Create a GROWTH environment -- not a Kindergarten.As you mature your people in this business, so matures your mlm business ultimately.4) The MLM MentorThis is the Pinnacle of the Role you play in the development of your Leaders, but here is a tip:INFERNO Secret:Mentor those who DESERVE it -- not those who DESIRE it.Your ultimate goal as a sponsor is to create a non-stop network marketing success machine. The only way you can do that is to choose 4-5 people in your group to mentor for greatness.

Choose people who have really stepped up to the bat and proven they are SERIOUS about their building this mlm business. Make sure they have shown you that they are worthy of you taking them under your wing and paying very special attention to them in Network Marketing.Take them under your wing for a year and solidify and grow them into their greatness. Not by totally building it for them, as there are some things they must learn from experience, but totally supporting them in all phases of their business and growth through training, building, supporting, and BEING THERE for them. And creating an extraordinary relationship that will last a lifetime.

INFERNO Secret:Mentoring in MLM is not for the weak-hearted.

In Network Marketing,it takes effort, discipline, a lot of caring, and also a ton of giving on your part.You will have trying times, just like in any relationship. But you must understand that if you mentor a select few folks, they can create an enormous network marketing business with you, and will be maximized in this mlm industry. And will stay with you during the tough times. (and there will be some.)The Recruiter grows In-discouragement.

The Sponsor grows Independence.

The Baby Sitter grows Dependence.

The Mentor grows Interdependence.INFERNO Secret:The Power of MLM lies in Interdependence.And, it is true.

ALL great Leaders in this industry have mentored a select few special people in their downline to extreme success, in MLM and Network Marketing.

Blessings...doug firebaugh

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