MLM Training- The Right Stuff for Network Marketing and MLM Recruiting

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What is the RIGHT STUFF that every networker needs to succeed in recruiting for their business? Read on!

MLM and Network Marketing Recruiting.

Many times that word send such a chill down our backs. The reason is,Guest Posting is that Recruiting truly is misused in our industry, and many times lacking the "right stuff" when we engage it.


We all have a tendency to look at things how we see it, and not as they are.

And doing so, this creates a challenge with many mlm distributors, as the "right stuff" needs to be focused on, instead of how we feel about and view recruiting. And if a person has the "right stuff", they will find that their recruiting will be 10 times more powerful and lucrative, and successful in MLM and Network Marketing.

We enroll in MLM companies, and expect us to go to the top many times with the WRONG stuff when talking to people about our business. We often focus on the wrong things, talk about the wrong things, present the wrong things, and thus create the wrong results for our efforts.

Has this ever happened to you:

Have you ever felt like an appointment was a total waste of time?

The "right stuff" is needed to make sure that you are on target and on track with what you are presenting and talking about. Nothing worse than a train headed fast down the wrong track. It is going and in motion, but yet, it is still headed in the wrong direction.

Many folks are like this in Network Marketing. They are blazing down the wrong track. A track of limited and contained possibilites. A track of doubt and worry. And a track of negative expectations that can derail any Success Train in MLM.

Ok...what is the "RIGHT STUFF?"

The word RIGHT stands for "Recruiting Is Giving (and) Helping (and) Touching.

First, MLM Recruiting is about GIVING to the prospect what they need to transform their life and future. Give HOPE. Give FAITH. Give a REASON. Give POSSIBILITIES. GIVE to the prospect so they can feel that they have not been taken from, as so many do.

"You have so much potential inside of you, and I would love to be able to help explode that in your life!" Give and pour into the prospect a power of Success and Achievement.

Network Marketing Recruiting is about HELPING. Help the prospect find the solution to their challenge and HELP them ENLARGE their life, future and destiny. HELP the prospect see what is TRULY possible, not what they think is possible. And HELP them with the HOPE of an incredible life, not a mediocre one. paint a vivid picture with your words, and HELP them see a new future.

"I wish you could see you through my eyes. It would stun you. You have so much potential to Succeed, it is almost scary." Help them see the REAL peron that lies within.

MLM Recruiting is also TOUCHING. Touching their heart with Caring and kindness. Touching their minds with pictures that can become real life, with a real ending, and a real Success. Touching their emotions with the Joy of knowing that their life will never be the same after this conversation. They will TOUCH a realm of living that they never thought possible with you and Network marketing.

"How would it feel to know that you would never have to worry about money again?" Now THAT would be Joy to many! and it is POSSIBLE! let's take a look at STUFF:

STUFF stands for "Success That Unveils (a) Focused Force!"

If you get it "RIGHT," in your recruiting presentation, then your mlm recruiting will contain a Success connection that will Unveil and reveal to every mlm prospect a Focused Force of Power within them. This Foucused Force of power will ignite and empower and help take the prospect to a whole new realm of possibility of Success and Lifestyle that they once only dreamed of for their life and future.

Now it becomes REAL and POSSIBLE with the RIGHT STUFF.

Do you have the RIGHT STUFF for MLM Recruiting?

Focus in on the RIGHT tactics and perspective, and you will find your recruiting will explode with the "Success STUFF" in MLM and Network Marketing.


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