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MPB Today is a growing company and has a unique way for selling groceries and at the same time helping people make money.

MPB Today has a unique way for consumers to potentially receive groceries for FREE. It is a direct sales company affiliated with Southeastern delivery,Guest Posting a grocery home delivery service company.

Combining MPB Today with Southeastern delivery and using a type of network marketing approach might be a great combination for both consumers and both companies. It is pretty simple, you start off by buying a $200 grocery voucher. If you tell two friends and they tell two other friends that also purchase a voucher, then you will cycle. So, if you cycle, you could trade your $200 grocery voucher in for a $200 Walmart gift card. I am sure there is a Walmart some where near you. But you will also receive $500, of which $300 is your commission check, plus a new $200 grocery voucher. So, if you are pretty aggressive you could possibly cycle several times and not pay for groceries for a while.

They are expecting this industry to grow from billions to over $85 billion within the next 10- 12 years and MPB Today wants to play a major part in that growth. If so, they will need a lot of people to believe in their vision.

The company is run by a 25 year veteran in the direct sales industry and the home office team is ready to handle the growth. Top leaders are popping up in the company and looks like this will be a great year. The field is being led by a top direct sales entrepreneur so the leadership is in place.

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