A Box Office Hit

Jul 27


kevin abdulrahman

kevin abdulrahman

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All winners have asked this question, the response of which resulted in them taking the actions they felt was right for them. How do I want the movie that will be my life played back to me on my last day?


Why would you do something you don’t like,A Box Office Hit Articles and then look back on your last day of life regretting what you have done? What’s the point of looking back and saying, ‘I didn’t live a full life’? Is that how you would want it to be?

Let’s fast forward to the last day of your life. You are 101 years old (or longer), and you have one last day to watch a movie, which will be a reflection of your life journey. What will this life journey of yours look like? Will it be dull, boring, complacent, living within assumed safety nets that never existed, or will it be filled with excitement, joy, laughter and plenty of learned lessons from giving life a good go?

Will your movie be filled with numerous ‘What ifs?’ Will it be filled with regret? Sadness for things you never tried? Grief for things you didn’t say and do? Will it be filled with sorrow because now that you’re reflecting at 101 years old, all the big things you thought mattered really didn’t? People never cared about you when you thought they did (they were too worried about themselves and what you thought of them). You could have done more but didn’t. You could have lived more but didn’t. You could have loved more but didn’t. You could have lived in the moment and enjoyed but you didn’t.

Will you reflect on the times that you didn’t have the skills to do something but plunged into it anyway because you were determined enough to learn as you go? Will you reflect on the time that you were brave enough to fail? Will you reflect on the love you had in life for the people around you, for nature, and for the appreciation you gave every moment?

You own the first day of your life, you own the last, and you own everything in between.

Look at different parts of your life and ask yourself what would make for an exciting story to reflect on? That’s what a winner would do.

You have the first and last say in it. This is your life. This is your privilege, your birthright. Make it happen, make it count. Stand for something. Strive for something. Create an amazing story that will be your life, one that you will enjoy when you reflect back on your last day on this planet.

On the last day, all you can do is reflect. Today, however, you have the ability to create that reflection.

You have come to the end of this book but your winning journey continues beyond these pages. What you do with your life is your choice.

All I can say is make it a Box Office Hit.



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