Time for Reflection

Sep 19


Tomas Tilver

Tomas Tilver

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Remember to take a timeout now and then


In our daily lives we tend to take too little time for reflection. It is important to take a time-out every now and then to allow for our spirits to catch up with our hurried bodies.

Our everyday lives are filled with activities,Time for Reflection Articles meetings, schedules, deadlines... Hurry from one activity to the next, there is never enough time. A glance at the time to see how much longer we can stay before rushing on to the next appointment. Sometimes we feel we are slaves to time!

This lifestyle is not good for our health!

Take a genuine timeout regularly, just do nothing for a while! Take your time to enjoy the little things in life. Spend some times outdoors just for the fun of it! Go for a walk, play with your kids, call a friend you have not seen for a long time.

I read somewhere that in the oldtime nomadic gatherer-hunter societies, before makind became farmers and settled down in one place, a family needed about three hours each day to gather food, wood, water and whatever needed to survive. The rest of the day was spent playing, relaxing, reflecting etc. Imagine three hours working day!

I am spending two weeks in HuaHin, Thailand, now. Business combined with pleasure! Thailand is a natural place to go to relax. The warm climate, the friendly hospitable people, nice healthy food and beautiful surroundings forces you to relax whether you like it or not! It is easy to get around and the cost of living is agreeable. It is hard not to like this friendly place!

There are lots to see if you like to. Yesterday we took a taxi for the three-hour ride to the Tiger Temple where we could watch, touch and pet real live tigers! Exciting! Otherwise it is nice just to take it easy, spend your days relaxing in the sun, playing cards, reading, talking... doing those things you never seem to have time for at home!

And dont forget to visit the local markets! There are lots of goods to try. Why not dive into the fresh fruit they sell here! It is marvellous, fresh off the branches and rich in taste. The same goes for vegetables and sea-food by the way.

It is always nice to travel. Getting to know new cultures, meeting new people, learning new things about yourself and others. By seeing other cultures and ways-of-living you learn more about your own home environment. In the end you can pick-the-best-and-leave-the-rest from different cultures, making your own mini-culture to enjoy.

The important thing to remember is that there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to different cultures, only different ways of living!

Tomorrow it is time to leave this wonderful place and go back to a cold and dark Sweden. Back to everyday life and business as usual, but with my personal batteries loaded with energy from this nice and relaxing trip!

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