Follow the Leader

Jan 27


Eva Gregory

Eva Gregory

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We've been told for years that the best way to learn something is by example. That is why we are taught by teachers, use computer tutorials, and follow examples and exhibits in books. But what about in day to day life? Are there people that you can follow that intuitively know exactly what your needs and wishes are, so that you can copy their actions and/or solicit their advice? If I had to guess, I'd say not.


So how does one go about finding someone to learn from? Go look in the mirror. You can achieve the things that you desire most in life,Follow the Leader Articles by following your own lead. There is a three step process: Be-ing, Do-ing, and Hav-ing.

 How does one Be? Personally I think this is the most fun part, because all you need is an active imagination and the strongest desire to achieve your goal. This is when you focus your thoughts on your desired outcome, what your life will be like once you have it, who your friends are, where you are living, the job you may or may not have, the vacations you are taking, etc. This is when you get to live your desires, to plot them, to visualize them, to breathe life into them. The entire time that you are exploring the "be-ing" part, make sure you use all five of your senses :sight, sounds, taste, feel and smell. The use of your senses will make your goal that much more real. It will also provide you with powerful triggers when you encounter that smell or taste during the course of an ordinary day. Begin living your life as if you already are what you want to be.

The next step is Doing. Does this mean that you will actually have to come up with a plan for how to reach your goal? Not at all, have faith... it will come to you naturally. Once you experience the be-ing stage, you will undoubtedly realize that you feel compelled to pursue a course of action, make a call, greet a person, etc. Typically things that you normally would not do, would hesitate to consider, or would outwardly scoff at are what you will be inspired to pursue. These are called inspired actions, as they resulted from you being in tune with your goals. The doing state will propel you even closer to your desired outcome. Let the action happen, don't stand in its way.

The last step is Having. All too often people ask for things and when they are on the track to receiving them, perhaps just steps away from the finish line things go awry. Why does this occur? Because they allowed themselves to make it through the first two steps, but stopped just short of attaining their goals. Silly, you say? Yes, but quite easy to do and very understandable. It is in this stage where those negative self-talk voices can interfere wildly. "Oh, come on, you're never really gonna get _______" or "Oh, Puhleez, you can't _______" Does either of these statements or similar ones sound familiar? If so, perhaps you can recall a situation where you were THIS (holding fingers a millimeter apart) close and your (blank) fell through. Well, silence those voices. Stop them NOW, don't wait.

Sit down in a relaxing atmosphere and think about the things you want. Practice BE-ing in the lifestyle that you want in your mind, write it down if it will help you bring it to life. Allow yourself to fully experience the joy that comes from achieving your dreams. Once you get a taste of this, and nurture it, it will be easier for you to see your goals, and harder for you to convince yourself that you are not worthy. When you engage all of your senses you will be better able to recognize the nudges that will help you DO what you need to succeed. You are entitled to have your goals come to fruition. Allow yourself to reach the top of your mountain ... to HAVE. Get out of your own way. It's time ... follow your lead.

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