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Individuals have been seeking to feel good ever since they were born. To feel good depends on their reactions to stimuli from people and the environnment. This article shows them how to handle their desires and to avoid feeling bad.

Ever since we were children,Guest Posting whether consciously or unconsciously, we have all been trying to feel good. As kids, it could be eating sweets, or playing with our favorite toy. As grown-ups, we discover other things that make us feel good: like a good meal, holidaying in an exotic country, getting a raise in our salary, being involved in a stimulating project...

But the toy, holiday, raise or stimulating project are just means - or vehicles to get us the good feelings, like a finger pointing to the moon. However, if we focus too much on the finger, we may end up taking the finger to be the moon, and miss out on the beautiful sights of Heaven altogether.

Here's an anecdote to illustrate it: Two brothers decided to come down to Earth. When asked why, they said they simply wanted to feel good, as they had heard many wonderful things about it.

While on Earth, the elder brother discovered that money could buy him things, which permitted him to feel good. So he decided to amass a fortune, thinking that the more money he had, the more he'd be able to feel good. Now there is nothing wrong in having money; but for him, money became the finger pointing to the moon. He had forgotten about the moon and the beautiful sights of Heaven. His obsession was so intense that he felt anxious, aggressive, and suspicious whenever he felt threatened by the loss of his money.

The beautiful sights of Heaven were replaced by the little finger that made him feel bad. He had mistaken the finger to be the moon.

Meanwhile, the younger brother felt good lying all day on the beach and making whoopee at night. He had discovered the sea, sex, and sun, and took life easy. He simply went fishing whenever he was hungry.

Now, initially these two men wanted to feel good, but did not take the same vehicles to reach their objectives.

They later compared notes on the Other Side. The one obsessed by money, who had thought that money would bring him all the goodies, failed miserably to attain his objective on Earth. He depended too heavily on one source - money.

Though he had little money, his younger brother scored remarkably well; he felt good most of the time while on This Side. He had no worries, was carefree, and appreciated what he had. It was real paradise for him!

Now, what do we make out of it?

Of course, we naturally want to feel good. But our desires are often crushed by a group of negative thoughts we call the Gang of Four, that is: You want / You can't / What's going to happen? / You're going to lose!

Whenever you have negative feelings like heaviness, anxiety, anger, frustration, or discouragement, it's a sure sign that this Gang of Four is beating you up. How can you lessen the pain? By taking a DDD pill! DDD standing for Desireless Diet Day, which puts us in a positive thinking mode.

What does this mean?

It means simply cutting down on desires you can't fulfil immediately: like wanting someone to call you, hoping to be invited to next week's party, hoping your client will sign a contract today, wanting your boss to be nice... The list can be long!

You just focus on what you have - and think about what you can do with what you have now. If you want to call someone now - provided you have a telephone, you can! You want to have a coffee, take a shower, drive your car - if those things are available, you can! You'll feel good each time because you're focusing on what you have - not on what you'd like to have. This way, you'll never be attacked by the Gang of Four.

But you may ask: does this mean cutting all desires? Not at all! Just transform your desires into strategies. If for example you desire to double your turnover, spend time now defining ways or strategies to reach new targets. Then start your action plan by each day contacting or meeting new prospects. You'll be back to You want / You can DDD mode.

You can feel good all day long and control a situation by focusing on the things you have and on what you can do with what you have. You have eyes, legs, tongue, Google, friends, competencies, driver's license... The list can be very long!!!

And see what you can do with what you have. You have legs, you can walk. Some can't. You have eyes, you can read, admire things or enjoy sceneries around you. Whichever vehicles you choose - and you can have many vehicles, and change them - whether you are rich or poor, as long as you feel good each day, you score points.

And to feel good depends on our reactions to people, on our reactions to situations. Whether it rains or shines, whether people are nice or nasty, what is important is how we choose to react. If we keep an inner smile all day long, we will score 7, 8, or 9 points out of 10, and be on our way to attaining our real objective in life - that is feeling good today, tomorrow... and forever.

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