Magic of Thoughts

Aug 25


Sonia Bhatt

Sonia Bhatt

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We have something magical but we didn't notice it. Thoughts are very powerfull. We should understand the power of thoughts.

  • Always think about what you want in your life

Life is full of mystery. God has given us a full power to manage our life. God has given us a gun with bullets in it and we only have to trigger the gun,Magic of Thoughts Articles now its upto us where we want to trigger it out. Same way God has given us a power of thinking now its upto us what we really want to think. Always try to analysis your thoughts. Thoughts have great power. It can change your life.  Try to think only about those things which you want in your life. Try to feel your thoughts, give the touch of imagination. Imagine your thoughts completely, live into it. Try it out you will find a great effect in your life.

  • Create positive and good thoughts

Now you know the power of thoughts. Our brain can think numerous things. Now we should first control our thoughts by thinking only positive and something good about our life. We can think good things about our life but positive thoughts; it’s a mystery. For this you need to study good and motivational books like Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, See you at the top by Zig zigler  Ashtavakra Gita in hindi Nandlal Dashora etc… (For more, read here click)   Here is a famous Quote, “Think -Before Speak, Read – Before Think”. For creation of positive thoughts you need to read good novels and try to surround yourself with positive vibrations and positive people. Stay away from negative people.

  • Changed thinking can change your life

If you think you are stuck somewhere in your life. If you feel frustrated and always blaming others for your situation.  Boss you definitely need this mantra “Changed thinking can change your life”  It simply means you need to change your way of thinking about life or situations. You can do this by deliberately forcing into your subconscious vital ideas, positive images, instead of negative ones.

  • Celebrate small achievement – keep yourself happy

Smile is a magic. Try to smile on small - small things. You don’t need to have a great reason for it. Just laugh. Celebrate your small achievements. This celebration motivates you for further step. Always thank God and others those who are directly or in directly have done something for you. Create happy environment around yourself. Happiness can create lot of positive vibrations which in turn keep you motivated in your life.


  • Last but not least - ACTION

Think correct; it is important but only think is not right. Action is the important part. If you only think then you will not find any result out of it. Action is required to convert your dreamy world into reality. First Think, then act according to your thoughts. Only think will make you a dreamer but Think + Action will make you a successful person.

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