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Have you ever known someone who could see around the next corner ... see trends forming before others do? What would you have given to know when the Beanie Baby craze was going to begin ... and end?

People who possess such foresight are often credited with having a 'sixth sense' for business. Yet when they are interviewed they consistently state that the only thing that makes them special is a keen sense of observation. Unless they are universally humble,Guest Posting not a description that fits this crowd, perhaps sharpening our sense of observation is in order. One word of warning. To think expansively takes time and effort, but does *not* produce 'today' results. Once you begin sharpening your sense of what may be coming next, don't forget to make the money to buy next week's groceriesThat said, let's look together at how to develop that kind of foresight.

1. Study trends and fads. There are many great books on trends and what's coming next. Read a few and learn how to spot the trends.

Just as economists look for 'leading indicators', you look for leading indicators on the Web. What's the next 'killer app'? Does it hold up in the real world, or is it being hyped? Answers to questions like these can provide a keen insight into what's next.

2. Start predicting. Keep a notebook with your predictions of what the next big thing will be in the next 3 months, 6 months and one year. This step alone puts you way in front of 99% of the general public.

3. Think globally. The Internet has made the world a global marketplace that you can attack. Don't overlook opportunity by thinking only locally. It's as easy to sell across the globe as it is across the street. Factor this in when you study the market.

4. Position yourself to know the key players. After you learn how to see trends coming, contact who you think the key players will be and form a relationship with them. It does NOT matter that you are a small fish and they are a guru. Have the chutzpah to contact them and you gain instant respect.

5. Become 'sales resistant'. If you are going to get into the prediction game, you'll need a powerful sense of what's real... and what's just smoke and mirrors. Looking at the offline world helps. While email, the killer app of all apps, may not have a offline counterpart, it DID solve some real offline problems such as expensive long distance and slow delivery times. The key is to be at the right place at the right time. See the trend, get in and make your money. Once you learn to do that, it may be you doing the next interview!

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