Lose Your Hope And You Can Bring Down The Curtain!

Feb 24


Richard Vegas

Richard Vegas

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The others in the raft didn't seem to share Eddie's state of mind. His ... clearly began to think about what lay beyond death; And, to think about it in terms of their own lives. Eddie said, "a


The others in the raft didn't seem to share Eddie's state of mind. His companions clearly began to think about what lay beyond death; And,Lose Your Hope And You Can Bring Down The Curtain! Articles to think about it in terms of their own lives. Eddie said, "at no time did I ever lose hope that we would be saved." Instead, Eddie tried to impart something to his comrades that would help them and be of great value to them. What was it?

Hope! Perhaps you have read the story of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker and his crew when their plane fell into the Pacific. There were seven men in life rafts for twenty one days with nothing but water and sun for as far as the eye could see.

As Luck Would Have It!

Now, ask yourself this question. You know better than anyone else. How would you have reacted to being cooped up with seven of your best friends for twenty one days in a life raft in the middle of the Pacific?

Would you have been trying to ring someone's neck? Or, would you have been the pillar of hope for your friends?

What is hope anyway? Hope is that magical emotion which is unseen but, causes us to see the evidence of what we desire before we get it.

It's not really faith. Faith is like the furnace in your house. Hope is like the thermostat on the wall. Hope can be regulated up and down. The more you turn it up, the more fire it creates in your belly. The more fire you create in you, the more fear you expel.

The Dynamic Duo!

Hope is the expectation that you will get your desire, and faith is the belief that it is possible. These two are a force to be reckoned with. Together, they are more powerful than superman, the lone ranger, and trigger. You can change the course of your destiny with Hope and Faith.

You see, a person reacts consciously to anything, which to him or her is believable, desirable and attainable. He/She also reacts unconsciously to inner urges that cause you to get into action when suggestions are made to the subconscious.

You may react favorably, unfavorably, or neutral to some stimulus; It all depends on what the suggestions are. And, these suggestions have a direct impact on the hope of the individual.

The Fortunes Of War!

Have you ever had to hope, against all hope, that your desire was obtainable? Have you ever, just out of sheer will and determination, forced yourself to look on the bright side of life with all the circumstances telling you you're a bald faced liar? Yeah? What did you do? Blow your stack? Or, come up smelling like a rose?

Your hope is the root cause of whatever you got. Did you get your desire? You kept your hope. Did you not get what you desired? You lost your hope.

Now don't you get mad at me. I'm just the messenger. Yes, I admit, sometime we get things, at times, when we lose hope. It's almost as if the Universe says; "here bozo, splat, here's a little bone for you".

But, by and large, the desirable goals we obtain come when we don't lose hope. I don't want to go through life just getting a little "splat" now and then. I want to go through life breaking the bank. Yeah, hip hip.

If Wishes Were Horses, Then Beggars Would Ride!

Hope will motivate you. Hope will set a fire on the inside of you. There is nothing that you and your hope together can't accomplish. But, unfortunately, wishes are not hope. Wishes are just a milky toast, Casper the friendly ghost monkeyshine.

Don't even think of trying to obtain your deepest heart's desire with monkeyshine wishes. You just as well pay a whole band of gypsies to lay hands on their crystal ball and rub it till it's slicker than a wet noodle, because without hope, your goose is cooked.

For What It's Worth!

But, not to worry. Hope is available. It's as close as your breath. It's in you. You have it. Just turn the thermostat up. Hope is worth its weight in gold when used. Nothing great was ever accomplished without hope.

In A Nick Of Time!

Here's how you get it. Don't take this lightly. This is the most powerful method I have ever used for developing hope. Do this everyday for a week and you'll be armed to the teeth with hope.

Sit back, relax and close your eyes. Now, with your eyes closed, see the word "HOPE" in your minds eye, in all capital letters about twelve inches from your face, and then see those letters speed very fast into your brain. See them "blast" into your brain.

Let them enter through your eyes. Then, as they blast inside of you, see two big steel doors, one on each side of your Face slam shut and lock "HOPE" inside of you. Do it ten times everyday.

Entertain High Hopes!

Make sure the doors slam shut very quickly as soon as hope blasts inside you. This may sound trivial, but what you are actually doing is convincing your subconscious that you are full of hope. Say this everyday, "I AM FULL OF HOPE!"

And brother, when you get your sub-conscious convinced that you are full of hope, it'll hair-lip bear creek before it lets it out of there.

The problem is; we go through our lives everyday never giving our hope any thought or consideration. We never think; "I have hope", "I don't have hope". Be aware of your hope and feed it regularly just like I showed you.

You will be amazed at how much hope you begin to develop if you make it a practice to do this everyday. This is an extremely powerful method of filling your brain with brain food.

A Tower Of Strength!

When you feed your body the right diet, it responds with the desired goal. When you feed your brain with the right diet, it responds by giving you wonderful feelings of empowerment and hope.

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