Do What You Are Afraid To Do! But, Do It With A Parachute!

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There are many ways for us to gain ... and ... The two ... ways are by ... and ... For most of my life I have chosen to go the hard route; by doing! I followed the

There are many ways for us to gain information and knowledge. The two predominant ways are by education and experience. For most of my life I have chosen to go the hard route; by doing! I followed the principle; do what you're afraid to do,Guest Posting go where you're afraid to go, and always wear a parachute.

Their Bark Was Worse Than Their Bite!

When you shy away from doing something big, just because it's big, you miss a lot of opportunities. Many years ago when I first went into sales, I would shy away from approaching anyone that was in a big building. I have no idea what the size of the building had to do with it; it was just a fear of something "big."

Later on I realized that all those men in those big fancy buildings put their pants on just like I did, one leg at a time, and I had no reason to be afraid of them. But, still, I was as nervous as a long tail cat in a dark room full of rocking chairs.

So, what did do? I would look for the little mom and pop establishments that would not intimidate me. At these small businesses is where I learned to neutralize my fears. And as time went along I realized that the big businesses held a lot of opportunity.

The reason they did, was because I found out that other salesmen were also afraid to go in there. So, it created some very easy and fertile ground to make some substantial sales at. Ironically, the sales resistance in the large businesses is less than the small ones because the small ones are solicited all the time.

At The End Of The Day!

When you allow fear to control your movements you make a lot of mistakes. Example: Fear has never done anything good for you. Now I'm not talking about common sense. It's not fear that keeps me from jumping off a ten story building or running in front of a speeding locomotive. It's good ole common horse sense.

When a decision is made from fear, you generally find there is no basis for the fear. There is usually no dragon there about to eat you, no Indians on the war-path about to scalp you, so there is just no basis for not doing what you are afraid of.

Most of the time, the reason we don't choose the big task is because we don't know how to accomplish it. There is a saying that goes; "it's one thing to talk about bull fighting, it's another thing to get in the ring with that bull."

Just Beat Around The Bush!

If you don't know how to fight that bull, you just better talk about it for awhile. Or, you better find a matador to teach you on a mechanical bull first. Maybe a baby one! :>)

Just one word of advice; if you decide you want to do something "big" in the next thirty days, like becoming a matador, then I would suggest that if you want to meddle in the affairs of a big black bull, that you remember; you are crunchy and you could taste real good with ketchup.

But, barring any decision to be a matador, every decision you've ever made out of fear was a minor accomplishment. Let that sink in. Think about it; when was the last time you had a choice to make between something big and something small and you chose the easy, small, route?

Easy As Pie!

You shied away from the "big" hard looking difficult task because the easy task looked like a piece of cake; a cinch. And what you were really doing was just looking for an easy quick victory. Let's face it, we've all done it because a victory always feels good and nobody is going to call us "dummy".

But the raw hard facts are; unless we take on the big challenge, we'll never really know if it would have been a victory too. In my own experience, I learned that the big buildings were where most of the discretionary money was and I never did find a big black bull in there. :>).

But, unless I had neutralized the fear of the "big" that was controlling me, I never would have found out that great successes and victories can come from doing what I was afraid to do, and going where I was afraid to go.

I Saw The Light!

So, what was it that neutralized the fear? It was know-how! I didn't say "knowledge." There is a huge difference between knowledge and know-how. The difference is the difference between success and failure.

You can have a head full of knowledge but with no know-how you will still fail. The word "know-how" does not just mean knowing how to do something. That's knowledge. Know-how means doing that "something," and, doing it right with skill and effectiveness.

When you have acquired know-how you will do that "something" right again and again. It will become a habit, and you'll do it naturally with ease and grace. There will not be any struggle; the struggle is over. That's in the past. You only gain know-how by "doing." The experience must be your very own.

You Don't Need To Know All The Answers!

To solve your problem or reach your goal, don't let the fear of not knowing all the answers in advance stop you. You will never know all the answers until you start.

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