Paradigm Shift Your Paradigm and Get Started Now in Real Estate Investing

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If you're not getting the results you want, a paradigm shift may be in order. Your paradigm is formed over the years by all of your thoughts and past experiences: the way you were raised, your mind-set, what you were taught, everything you believe in, how you were trained, etc. That is your paradigm, and as such your paradigm is very important. It determines what you believe is possible and impossible.

Paradigm Shift!! Shift Your Paradigm and Get Started Now

What is a Paradigm shift?

Your paradigm has a great deal to do with your success in life and is a prime factor in getting started in real estate investing or anything else of worthwhile achievement.

Ironically,Guest Posting the biggest challenge most people face when implementing some of the very best in investment and business ideas, including when getting started in real estate investing, is NOT in executing the actual steps (that's often the easy part), but rather in generating enough courage and faith to believe that some of the things they’re advised or are learning to do are actually possible.

I know that you have the desire to get to the next level financially. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't. But desire and belief are two different things. To truly get to the next level in your business and finances, you must first make a leap of faith in your thinking. This leap of faith in thinking is called a paradigm shift.

A paradigm is a model or a pattern; it’s a way of seeing and understanding things, of interpreting the world around us. It is your understanding of the world, and of the way things are done.

Your paradigm is formed over the years by all of your thoughts and past experiences: the way you were raised, your mind-set, what you were taught, everything you believe in, how you were trained, etc. That is your paradigm, and as such your paradigm is very important.

Extremely important.

Unbelievably important.

It determines what you believe is possible and impossible.

Most people never question their paradigm. They never change their perspective. Instead, they allow it to build artificial walls around them, let it define what is possible and impossible— without their ever being aware of it. It is completely out of most people’s awareness. This limits their possibilities and opportunities.

In short, their paradigm tells them what to do.

If you are ambitious (as you and I know you are), and you let your paradigm imprison you in this manner, you inevitably hit the glass ceiling, or hit the wall, or hit a level of stress and frustration that I can tell you from first-hand experience is debilitating.



When this occurs, one of three things happen. You either:

1. Give it all up and try something else  (i.e. you get sucked back in to your old paradigm)

OR you

2. Keep charging and ramming your head against the wall, hoping and praying— and even “logically” rationalizing— that if you just work hard enough things are bound to get better (i.e. you accept, and are conditioned to have your actions limited by your paradigm)

OR you

3. Find a better way to do things to achieve better results  (i.e. you change your paradigm)

I have chosen the latter route - i.e. I change my paradigm.

I refuse to accept that life has to be so hard.

That there is any wall I can’t bust through. Climb over. Tunnel under.

Luckily, you too are an entrepreneur.

As a real estate investor, you DO think outside the box. You DO ask the tough questions of yourself. You DO question why things work and don’t work. You DO examine your paradigm.

You DO these things because once it’s in your awareness that your major limitation in life is the six inches between your ears…

Sometimes you can get a little obsessed with changing what goes into and what’s stored in that infinitely dense space you call your mind.

But still, our paradigm is there.

That’s why we go to one more seminar. That’s why we read one more book. That’s why we hear one more success story. That’s why we join one more networking group. That’s why we order one more audiotape set. Each one of these steps further enlarges our scope of what is possible, and every new idea is an excitement.

Oliver Wendell Holmes said that “the mind, once expanded, cannot return to its original dimensions”.

I want my paradigm to be one in which I am infinitely resourceful. Where I have all the tools and materials I need. Where I have all the support and allies I could want. Where I have motivation and encouragement surrounding me. Where every idea I have can become real.

What about you?

First, I want you to understand that there's very little special aboutme. I'm not terribly different than you. I haven’t had any secret real estate training. I have a high IQ but so little common sense that I’m pretty normal.

There’s nothing too special about my market either. My market goes through cycles just like any other, and as such over time will be pretty average, with average prices, standard competition, and usual problems.  The reason I say these things is because I know it’s easy to fall into the “that person can but I can’t” disease. Don't wimp out. Don't give yourself the excuse that others have some kind of advantage that you don't. That's simply untrue.


If you want to know the truth, most people who make it come from pretty humble beginnings. I certainly haven’t been an overnight success. Like most success-striving people, the things I’ve done and am doing are a lot of work. Toil. Sweat. Sacrifice.

“9 to 5” jobs might give you a lot of free time, but very few dollars with which to enjoy this free time.

Many who put gruelingly long hours and hard work when first getting into real estate completely reverse this equation. They then have money to spend, but no free time to enjoy it in.

I was stuck in the same situation that most people find themselves in - the same rut. My old paradigm said that I had to trade my time for money. In other words, if I wanted more money, I had to trade more of my time to get it.

And that's exactly what I did - that was my strategy. I traded my time - my life - for money, and quickly realized that the problem with this strategy was that eventually you hit a glass ceiling.

There comes a point when you have no more time to give.

This, too, I refuse to let happen to me. It’s why I chose NOT to become a real estate agent. I saw it as just one more way to trade my time for money. Uh hunh. Not having it.

In a word, I got obsessed. When I hit that glass ceiling or wall or whatever you want to call it, I absolutely refused to admit defeat. I refused to believe that there was no way to get to the other side.

When I feel defeat, I look for ways to take action. I get myself around success-minded people. I call my family who loves me. I talk with my accountability partner. I talk to the people who look up to me.

I refuse to let the feelings of defeat hold me.

Has it been easy? No.

Have I been able to do it alone? Heck no!

Is it an ongoing process? You better believe it!

That’s the thing about paradigms. They don’t stand still. They change, so why allow your paradigm to BE changed when you can BE the one who changes it?

Think about it today.

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