Become your own Guru

Mar 1




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Become your own GuruBy Linda Landry (c)I have been an Internet ... now for nearly a year. One ofthe first things I learned was there were a lot of people willing totell you how to make money o


Become your own Guru
By Linda Landry (c)

I have been an Internet 'marketeer' now for nearly a year. One of
the first things I learned was there were a lot of people willing to
tell you how to make money on the net. I would get lost in cyber
space because I was redirected to sites offering to tell me how
to become rich with little or no money to invest. It was usually an
E-book they were selling.
I purchased a few and I learned some
things but mostly that the way to become rich was to sell their
information. I did a lot of exploring and tried a lot of things to
promote my site. I did the FAA,Become your own Guru Articles the safe lists, I paid for opt in
mailings, I did banners, link exchanges and passed out flyers and
business cards. With all of this I learned that everyone on the net
has a way to promote that will seemingly make you rich.
I became familiar with the names of the
Guru's. I learned from them but what I learned that seems to be
the most important, is that making money on the net is not an
overnight success. It is a learning process or a try and then try
again. I learned that I cannot stop exploring and I cannot expect
that I will know everything there is to know by listening to Guru's.
In that sense, I have begun to become
my own Guru. I know things now I did not know one year ago. I
have learned what works a little, what works a lot and what works
NOT! First and foremost, I have learned what works for me and
what I feel comfortable doing. I enjoy trading links, I like making
banners and post them when it is economical and I like publishing
my ezine. I have let go by the wayside things that did not work for
me such as the FAA pages and the safelists. I am not a Guru by
any means but I am not certain I wish to be. Whoever heard of a
RICH GURU anyway? I always pictured a Guru as a wise old man
sitting and living atop a mountain waiting for seekers of wisdom to
find him. Perhaps he lived in a mansion but I only saw pictures of
Guru's wrapped in white sheets with rope belts. I am certain that
is not for me. I will settle for continuing to explore the vastness of
this Information Highway we call the Internet until I am making the
amount of money I feel my efforts deserve.
Lately, I skip the tips of the Guru's.
I subscribe to a lot of ezines and when I have hundreds of emails
I open the ones from publishers I trust. They are making a sincere
effort to assist other publishers and 'marketeers'. I skip the subject
lines telling me I will make a lot of money or asking me if I 'missed
the call' or touting the name of a well known Guru. I read and listen
to the publishers who started out just like I am and have built their
list and there web biz. That is what I plan to do. I will become my own Guru.
Linda Landry is the Publisher of CYBERSHOPNEWS
The latest edition can be viewed at
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