Secret Plan to Achieve Your Desires

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Secret Plan to Achieve Your ... Lisa van den BergDo you want the secret to ... all you desire? Keep your thoughts targeted on what you wish to attain and the means for their attain

Secret Plan to Achieve Your Desires
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Do you want the secret to attaining all you desire? Keep
your thoughts targeted on what you wish to attain and
the means for their attainment will flow to you.

Although the plan I will present to you is easy enough
to formulate,Guest Posting it is only by means of Absolute Faith that
it can be properly implemented. Once you have decided
what it is that you want from your Life, write it out in
complete detail. You should write down everything
about what you want to achieve, your plan for achieving
it and what you will give in return for its fulfillment. I
follow this plan and let me tell you that it works like
nothing else I've ever tried. Follow it and you'll see.

Keep thoughts of attainment in your mind. Carry that
piece of card on which you've written your Statement
of Desire with you wherever you go. When James J Hill
was formulating the idea that he wanted to develop a
Transcontinental Railway System that stretched from the
one coast of America to the other, he had no money and
no friends of influence that he could turn to, to help him.
What he did have, however, was Absolute Faith. He drew
in his proposed path for the railway system on a map of
the US and slept with it under his pillow, he carried it with
him wherever he went and referred to it all the time. He
submitted it to his subconscious until his dream came
true. What he needed for the fulfillment of his desire
came to him because of his Absolute Faith that it would.

Sit down and write out your Statement of Desire. Write out
all the things you want to accomplish, a plan for making
them happen and what you will give in return for them
coming to be (time, hard work etc).

Repeat your statement continually throughout the day.
Imprint it on your mind by visualizing the outcome of
your desire, as if it was already real. Remember that
nothing physical comes about without an idea to start it
off. Before you build a building the architect first draws
a picture of how the building will look from the picture
he has in his mind. From his drawing the builder can
determine what materials are needed to build the building
and then set to work on making the picture in the
developers head, a reality.

In order to get what you Desire you need to develop a
strong sense of self-discipline. You need to see and feel
and believe that what you want will come true. I set an
alarm clock by my desk to remind me to repeat my
Statement of Desire, every 2 hours throughout the day.
I have a picture of it burned onto my brain so that I have
created a Burning Desire. It gets to the point where you
no longer have to drive it, because it drives you.

In all my years of searching for the answers to all my
questions and looking for the formula that would help me
to help myself, this is the one that consistently works for
me. You will find that the mechanics for realizing your
Desire will come to you when you are willing to do what
it takes to make it a Burning Desire.

If your Desire is to give your children the best education
you can, you will find that perhaps you learn that a
prestigious college is offering scholarships for which you
can apply or that an excellent teacher will be holding a
summer school on the ways to enrich your child, that is
not offered at school. Perhaps you will get a windfall of
money to help you send your child to a college that
specializes in their field (drama, art etc) or have access to
a previously unavailable source of learning materials that
your child will love. Maybe a course will come along that
will teach your child how to study more effectively and
retain more. The possibilities are endless and they will
come with Absolute Faith.

Create your Statement of Desire today!

Lisa van den Berg

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