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May 23 10:55 2005 Laura Hickey Print This Article

In life there's bound to always be someone who wants to bring you down. Heck, maybe at times you've wanted to bring someone down as well. But let's put a new light on this. You may have co-workers, friends even relatives whether they are fully, only half or marriage related that try to take you down. Do they spend time trying to put you down by spreading rumors, talking behind your back and BSing things? Instead of focusing and living their own life, they are getting wrapped up in yours. Don't you feel special that they are using their time on you? Or do you not see it that way? Perhaps emotions take over to the point that you wanna smash that person into millions of pieces? We've all been there, some more than once but by taking your emotions, you can turn it into success.

Now I'm not saying go screw over someone that for the most part has been there for you and then made a few mistakes. They are decent people,Guest Posting but for the ones that aren't, don't waste your time going after them. Instead take those emotions of sadness or bloody anger and add them to your fight. Everytime someone tries to ruffle your feathers, have it add more fire to the inner flames in you. The more fire you have in yourself, the more likely you will get out there and work twice as hard. You'll have a thicker skin and you'll be completely focus on shutting that person down by getting ahead. Now, again that doesn't mean go beating that person to a bloody pulp (you may want to, that's definitely understandable) but if there's a promotion at work or in life that you want to get ahead, work harder with all the raging fire from these emotions these people caused you to get ahead and be successful.

It's going to be hard at first. Many times you'll want to say something or crush someone for being such a...well you know! But with time you'll slowly see that biting your tongue and not saying something will end up you being the bigger man or women! If you feel upset try venting in a blog/diary. You can have it private or public online. Change doesn't happen overnight. Good Luck!

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