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As the grey skies of winter become less frequent, and new life takes their place, now is the perfect time to think about priorities. I'm not talking about New Years resolutions that fall by the wayside in only a few weeks, but rather the real priorities that shape our lives and control our actions.

Everyone has priorities. Some people are very involved in setting goals and write their priorities down in a formal list. Some think about priorities on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries,Guest Posting while others never give them a second thought. Expressed or not, we all have priorities.

What matters most to you? Some people want a bigger house or a new car. Some want more time with their family or to travel to distant lands. Some want to open their own business and become successful. Some want it all!

No matter your choices, one thing is certain. You won't enjoy what you get if you are in poor health.

While we may not think about maintaining excellent health (or gaining excellent health) as a priority, in fact it is the highest priority you can have. After all, how many people on their deathbed wish they had just another thousand dollars? No, at that moment people know that life is a gift to be cherished. What they want is what you have right now... more time.

Today is the day to begin making excellent health your top priority. When you do this you will find that an amazing thing happens. As you become more aware of your health, your ability to get the other things you want actually improves.

You have more energy to work for the things you want. Your thinking is clearer, enabling you to make better decisions. You are able to enjoy each day and get more life out of living. In fact, you are able to live out loud! ;)

These changes and more are all at your fingertips. The good news is that today you have access to more information, more products and services, more resources than ever before. YOU are in control of your health. The choices are yours to make. All you have to do is give yourself permission to be the best YOU that you can be.

Not everyone can get out and walk or run, but everyone can do something. Start where you are. Choose one thing that will help you live healthier and make it part of your routine. Once you've formed a good habit, start on another. Soon, you will be enjoying a better quality of life and preventing health problems too.

Taking steps to improve your health can't guarantee that you will never become ill, but everything you do will be a step in the right direction. Just like it's smart to carry good health insurance, it's a smart move to begin now to improve your health and prevent problems.

No matter what your other priorities are, make your health your top priority and you will be able to truly enjoy your other accomplishments. Do these things and this year will be your best year ever!

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