What's In Your Closet?

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... in the closet - we all have them and many of us ... try to push them further into the dark realms of some tiny room set aside for storage and unused items that are no longer necessar

Skeletons in the closet - we all have them and many of us desperately try to push them further into the dark realms of some tiny room set aside for storage and unused items that are no longer necessary,Guest Posting or that we are not ready to throw away. There they hang - ready to jump out at any unsuspicious person who opens the door and dares to peek in. Hanging around is what they do best, but really, they have no other purpose. You have to feel sorry for them. They are lonely, unwanted, and very unpopular.

There isn’t a person in the entire universe that doesn’t have a skeleton or two that they wish would just go away. These collections of loose bones just stay there - we know they’re there but we don’t want anyone else to know. So, what do you do with these skeletons? They take up precious room and they are of no use. You certainly can’t use them as a decorative accent in your life because they are a reminder of some previous error, omission, or just downright mistake. You are not proud of them, but you just can’t bear to dispose of them either.

The best thing to do for both you and the skeletons are to take them out of the closet, set them in a chair right next to you and face each other. When you can do that, begin to dismantle them bone by bone and throw them away. You will then be on the road to feeling better about yourself and the world around you. Skeletons will never be a part of today or the future. They are definitely relegated to be “the past.” They have no worthwhile function except to get heavier and heavier with each passing day. These “bags of bones” will never get any better looking, and they surely will never make you proud. Until you can haul them out of those closets, benefit from the experience and lessons they did help you learn, dispose of them as quickly as you can. Don’t look back, and by all means, don’t feel sorry for them as they go to the refuse pile to be carted away forever. They are not a part of you as you are today. They were created by a today that turned into a yesterday. The bridge to tomorrow will never be available to them but you can most assuredly cross it whenever you please.

Skeletons in the closet should be removed and discarded. At some point, they may attempt to sneak back into your closet, but remain firm. If you don’t allow them access, the only move left for them is to return to the depths of long ago and stay there. Each morning brings light, adventure, opportunities, and change. Today is not going to allow yesterday to hang on, unless someone ties them together purposely. Also, remember, that tomorrow won’t arrive until we undo these ties and handle them with the gloves of cold, hard facts. They were, and therefore they are not today!

Open your closets and begin cleaning them out. The skeletons that you have tended to all these times are just dust collectors. They are not alive, but you are. You give them their strength and their endurance and only you can take it back. Closets are places to keep assorted items, and skeletons are definitely not one of them.
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