World united as a peacefully family in the 21st century

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The form of neo creation is based on the foundation stone of ‘world united peacefully as one family’ and this will actually be seen in our daily living. All those dire walls that separate man from man are being razed down. Entire world humanity will be bound to one another by the silken cord of oneness of soul and equality.

In order to ward off the fire of sorrow of Sagar’s sons it was necessary that River Ganga incarnate on earth from heaven. Bhagirath’s intense penance helped achieve the impossible and history is about to repeat itself today. In today’s times it is required that the Ganga of divine wisdom manifests in the entire world. Thought based revolution will fulfill this goal. Although so far Almighty God has incarnated in various bodies yet today he will have to incarnate as widespread sacred discrimination or Viveka. The goal of our individual and world’s efforts,Guest Posting thinking, activity, existence and character too is this. Public movement and austerities together are moving ahead. Daily our International Gayatri Family ( performs 2.4 million Gayatri Purashcharan. Within this in future the subtle energy of my subtle body is conjoining. Both aspects will neo create such a subtle atmosphere which will help usher in apt situations of era transformation in the deep cave of world consciousness. The gross activity of public movement is being directed from Shantikunj (Haridwar, India) and on the basis of creative programs thousands of people conjoined to thousands of branches are trying their best to realize this goal. The great aim of neo creation is going on, on the basis of God’s directions. Even my mission is being executed on this basis.

The form of neo creation is based on the foundation stone of ‘world united peacefully as a family’ and this will actually be seen in our daily living. All those walls that separate man from man are being razed down. Entire world humanity will be bound to each other by the silken cord of oneness of soul and equality.

The new era will be accompanied by some ideals. They are unity, equality, purity and affection. When these sacred activities will zestfully bloom all those distortions like mismanagement, problems, complexes etc seen in the world will be warded off and everywhere heavenly situations will ooze with joy, peace, progress and grandeur.

All this seems very difficult. Today this has become a dark age and in the long time span of 5000 years man has imbibed such vileness which seems to have become a tradition. No doubt it is difficult to transform such a deluded world psyche into justice, wholesomeness along with discrimination yet it is mankind who can achieve the impossible. The joint task of God’s wish and man’s intense efforts can bring about many mindboggling reforms. In future its repetition may seem difficult yet it is certainly not impossible to attain.

The neo creation of a new world will have the foundation stones of unity, equality, purity and affection. All these 4 will be established and nurtured in different ways in every corner of the world, various countries and people of varying personalities. In India on the basis of Shatsutri Yojana (program) as per situations prevalent here the above 4 are being directed.

Amongst the 4 foundation stones the 1st one is unity. In the realm of material objects 1+1=2 but when 2 living humans unite 11 are formed. Men conjoined in the chain of unity will radiate beauty like a pearl necklace and thus the entire world’s atmosphere will radiate.

Man’s power will augment due to unity. Society’s progress depends on unity. For establishing world peace unity is a must. This unity is foremost amongst our 4 foundation stones of neo creation. Neo-creation means attaining the goals of unity, equality, purity and affection. In place of today’s mismanagement if the 4 fold apt management is reinstated, then this is true era transformation. For this sacred mission we must make great efforts to establish worldwide unity. It has already been said that unity also has 4 pillars viz. religion, culture, language and governance. Today there are wide craters between them which must be filled. Variedness has to be overcome and there must be unity in diversity. This then is the gist of our Yug Nirman Yojana. In order to fulfill this task what has to be done by Hindu followers of India is being laid down as Shatasutra or 100 aphorisms. Similar to this based on situations in various countries and societies in the entire world programs have been designed and leaders of neo creation in their own way will execute it. There are differences as far as the programs are concerned. Yet its fount/foundation is one only. In order think cosmically with reference to unity, equality, purity and affection we are taking steady steps forward.

Why is there difference as far as various religions are concerned? If God is one, his world is one, his son is one, his message is one, his goal is one then even religion should be one only. Many religions that oppose each other, criticize each other, act in totally opposite directions cannot be inspired by God. It could be that at their root the eternal theistic beliefs of religion are present but later such complexes entered them that instead of truth, falsehood and instead of rationality irrationality augmented. If this were not the case those who are called religious would have had ethical characters. But this is not to be seen. Today people of various religions imbibe teachings rituals etc of their respective sects and proclaim that only their religion is true and all else is illusory. It is only their religion that can give heaven and salvation. Every so called religious flag bearer tries to prove that only their beliefs are true and that of others’ is false. In the bout arena of scriptural debates ‘wrestling’ is seen. Cannon of speech and writings are fired at each other. Even this could have been endured but one gets horripalation on seeing so many innocent creatures die. While trying to overpower another’s religion so much blood has been shed that it is definitely n fold more than deaths that have taken place so far in the world history of wars that have been fought. Is this state apt? Should this be allowed to continue? The tortuous nature of differences is a big obstacle in the way of unearthing truth. Today’s religious distortions are so tortuous that instead of being a help it is actually an obstacle for the soul to realize true religion.

True discrimination means there is oneness amongst various world religions. The religion of the entire world should be one only. It should predominate with truth, justice, ethics, good behavior, discipline, ideals, aptness, generosity, love, good will, contentment and mind control. A true world religion is one which raises human aspirations and activities from the level of beasts to that of a divinely glorious stature. In future such a world religion will definitely evolve. People living in different corners of the globe will imbibe this one true religion. The mode of worship too will be one for all. People will gather on one religious dais. So far that time, hard work and wealth wasted for denouncing various religions will now be used for this one world religion. Such a rational religion will augment love and oneness of soul between man and man and it will aid uplifting of divine principles in world psyche. When today’s intellectual energy misused in augmenting vain beliefs and various mockeries in the name of religion is henceforth utilized for establishing true discrimination based ideals in the future world religion its creative results will be so glorious that the world will appear heavenly.

The unity of world culture is also as required as a world religion is. Today culture has conjoined to religion. In reality both are separate. Culture encompasses traditions, behavior, protocol, social transactions, mode of living etc. Since they are varied a sense of separateness and alienate exists between man and man the world over. On this basis various sects are formed. One tends to bond with people who dress, eat, imbibe traditions, talk our language etc just like us. And with people of dissimilar characteristics are ignored by us. This sense of mine and yours creates a lot of hatred everywhere. India has been demarcated so much into various sects and communities that everywhere in the world it is derided. Hence it is thought of as a backward country being engulfed by soul weakness. To the extent that politics also is communal and sectarian. In fact even winning elections is dependent on it. Superficially everyone condemns it yet it is a fact of life.

For steady human unity cultural unity is a must. In various directions of sustaining life we must establish all round unity. If instead of so many different styles of dressing everyone wears one type of clothing, three fourths of expenses of stitching will be saved and this saving can be used in education, health and other areas. If festivals are common the zest and enthusiasm will augment manifold. If the rituals of marriages are rendered easy and less costly then a lot of money/energy can be saved and the same can be used to uplift various families. Without cultural unity the unity of world humanity can never become steady. The world has become small because of huge strides in education and science. Very far off continents now appear as though they exist in our nearby lane. Fast moving vehicles have solved problems of farness. In days gone by when this situation did not exist, people living in far off places did not know each other and hence they were forced to follow varied cultures. But today the situation is totally different. Since the world is drawing closer our cultures too must come closer. Now there does not remain any cause for us to defend our separate culture and all the time try and vilify other cultures. Great and very useful portions of various world cultures must be gathered and in future as a result an all round world culture will be reinstated. This is the demand of today’s era.

A person may reside anywhere in the world but he/she must harbor the feeling that he/she belongs to the entire world. In the form of one unit of world culture he/she must imbibe the tradition of true living. Just as in small sects a single ritual is followed in the same way when the world will be categorized as one unit, one world society will be formed, one world family will be built then traditions, rituals etc too will become singular. Tastes may be varied in cases of how to comb ones hair, which soap to use for bathing etc. Yet as far as overall behavior, thinking, discipline and traditions are concerned, there unity will rule the roost.

It goes without saying that from this standpoint India’s religion, spirituality and culture is very much capable of fulfilling the all round needs of world humanity. If distortions that have crept in, in the past 5000 years is deleted pure Indian beliefs are of this stature. It appears as though someone has created it keeping in mind reality, utility and aptness for entire world humanity. In the near future spiritual practices performed to usher in that new age was present in ancient history for a very long time period. Over here flowed the rivers of Ganga-Yamuna-Saraswati symbolized by unity, equality and affection. If in Indianess is present the seeds of a world religion and world culture, there is nothing to be amazed about.

In order to unite the world as one family a single world language is a must. What kind of a family would it be where family members cannot communicate with one another cannot talk to each other and cannot execute give and take of thoughts? Knowledge of a single language is a must. Differences of languages lead to a limited and narrow human society. In order to make easily available the gigantic storehouse of world’s knowledge that help world humanity to give and take information smoothly a single world language is a must. Else humanity will be divided into small sects, communities etc. We Indians realize that one national language is most required hence if ‘world as one family’ and world citizenship proliferate their basis must be designed. Amongst these bases one world language will play an important role.

If for the entire world literature is published in one language only how cheap and high stature it would be. Mere imagination of it exudes a lot of enthusiasm. Till now that knowledge unfolded by mankind in various fields is so much that its usage can help us benefit with many attainments. But alas due to so many languages prevalent this knowledge remains in limited areas of the world. Ere there was one world language then via libraries knowledge of highest stature could reach the world lay public. People of the entire world could have written letters, emails etc to one another so as to exchange information. Then it would be possible to solve easily world problems and citizens of one country could come closer to those of other countries. This very important requirement must be fulfilled. All such special qualities are found in the Sanskrit language. Actually there was a time in ancient world history when it was a world language and in future due to its great qualities if again it is reinstated as a world language it should not confound anyone.

It is a world government that will solve all political and social problems. In the absence of means of transport there must have been a need of small colonial regions but today nationalism is leaning towards becoming regional and caste based. In order to benefit one’s own country today in the name of patriotism other countries are oppressed. By meting out injustice to other nations one benefits one’s own land so as to be labeled a patriotic country and thus receiving ‘respect’ from all. Today international diplomacy accepts that basis wherein at all costs one’s own country should benefit. The root cause of wars is regional narrowness in the name of patriotism. This is why ivory business flourishes. One country has a lot of useful natural resources and others are bereft of it. One region is very wealthy and their nearby nations are very poor. The reason for this is that in the name of patriotism the world has been partitioned into smaller nations.

Ere these borders are dissolved and the entire world becomes one country under one flag, if the world is ruled by one world government it will end fears of all wars including cold ones. One region has many sub regions. Although these are ruled and managed separately yet they have a common center that oversees their rule. Hence there is no fear of any war or battle. If under one central world government all countries prevalent today are ruled their fights/problems can be solved by an international court of justice. There will remain no possibility of internal battles and fights. Today a country engulfed by suspicion, fear and distrust in the name of security laps up a lot of wealth. But in future when the world will be rendered borderless this wasteful expenditure will stop. Today on an average a country uses at least 1/4th of its expenditure in war fights. If this expenditure is saved it can be used for augmenting world brotherhood and means of material comforts. Thus by and by this world will be converted into a single peaceful world family.

Within the realm of world governance it is possible to help advance world society. The laws of behavior, justice and ethics can be one. Since free trade will come into vogue, no wall between the rich and poor will remain and that production on large scale will overcome all lack. Further since natural resources will belong to the entire world everyone will benefit equally and requirements to nurture life will be available to all in equal measure. Such a conducive situation can ward off today’s dire problems miraculously and there will be no remnant of strife and anguish faced by world humanity today.

Worldwide unity and human brotherhood is presented in a very nectarine manner. The ideal of ‘world united as a family’ is merely thought of as a vague dream today. But today the time has come when these imaginations and dreams will actually materialize. If we understand and imbibe the utility value and need of unity then their foundation stones too must be unearthed. Like 4 legs of a bed unity too has 4 pillars. They are religion, culture, language and governance. If the world is to be united peacefully as a family unity must prevail in an all round manner within these 4 pillars.

Behind various programs of Yuga Nirman Yojana this very root sentiment and activity is at work. Creative programs are given importance so that an individual via it can rise above narrowness and get inspired to understand and imbibe this truth and fact. On the basis of this inspiration one can get liberation from tainted psychic imprints and deluded beliefs. This program is akin to a ritual. The aim of rituals is so sanctify our sentiments. Soul progress is wholly dependent on sacred sentiments. No doubt we must execute tasks of neo creation but if we ignore spiritual philosophy and sacred mission behind it our goal will not be realized. Everyone amongst us must try to know that while neo creating the world are we helping world psyche imbibe great ideals of unity, equality, purity and affection? Only on the basis of sentiment transformation can man become great, society become balanced and world ooze with divine peace.

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