Abramovich makes House 2.7 T

Apr 18




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My house is my PALACE. You may agree with this slogan. However, for Arkadyevich Roman Abramovich, is also home serasa drop in a palace. Money is Rp2, 73 trillion for him only to stop in place. Ck-ck-ck ...

Want to know what the king's house of origin Russian oil at the same time the owners club is Chelsea? Find it at maps.google.com,Abramovich makes House 2.7 T Articles and provide a keyword search "Lowndes Square, London." a map will appear in the Lowndes Square-name is taken from William Lowndes, the Minister of Finance in the era of King William I and Queen Anne. Where next? Sorry, this time, please Tebak own. We help, deh, approximately near the Embassy of Pakistan in London.

Well, if you are rich as Roman, as the money is perhaps not a great amount. Amount is only 1 / 100 of total assets held, which is equivalent to Rp250 trillion, or "only" difference of size is around Rp40 trillion, Budget 2008 is budgeted at Rp290 trillion.

So, if known to the richest-15 in the world that spends money it is only for a once over. Once through? Of course. As governor of Chukotka, a province in northeastern Russia, Roman should more often be in the state fraction of the Soviet Union rather than in London. The house has since purchased several years ago that only one of the houses owned by a politician 41 years.

Let's see a sketch plan contrived by Daily Mail below. Palace is actually comprised of two-tier building. Roman plans combine the contents of the two apartments, but retaining the physical form of the front / outside.

blueprint home

After combining the two houses in the western part of the City of London, to the richest people in the world-15 will build eight bedrooms. All the candidate decorated with thick carpet plus curtain wall decoration that follows all the classic style. Say, the Roman-jor fishing gear will issue a money order to get the maximum. Dus, only if reasonable cost estimates reach 150 million Pounds Sterling. If dirupiahkan, half the value exceeds the cost of Health of the Poor (Askeskin) in the year 2008 is budgeted at Rp4, 6 trillion.

"It looks like it will be created as the palace. He (Abramovich) want luxurious interior with the style of Victoria neoklasik fit with the view outside. This is purely personal project because men like him reasonable time should choose the most expensive consultants though the interior," said a source to the Daily Mail.

Even if the Roman agree with all that the design consultant, Roman must obtain permission from the council building renovation of Kensington and Chelsea. Term here: "must be the permission of Mr. Head."

House itself is planned to be built into the eight floor covering three floors below ground plus five floors above it. Floor-floor will be filled with a private cinema room alias home cinema / entertainment, indoor swimming pool, steam room and sauna, and room-room to learn her son's fifth-if there are layover.

Because the Roman divorced from first wife, Irina, have meaning only six bedrooms are equipped with bath room supermewah. For guests, Roman will provide two additional bedrooms. For adjuvant (precisely called employees)? There also, the number four chamber. Located on the back of the main building, just above the garage. If the count is calculated, broad reach all the rooms 30,000 square feet, or nearly 2,800 m2. If here, the area of land can be used to create complex houses 36 types of RSS more than 50 units equipped playground and park-wide road would add futsal field.

Before the renovation, the building Townhouse consists of nine apartments. Abramovich to buy one the first time in the apartment at the end of the price'90an Pounds Sterling 1.2 million, or Rp21, 8 billion. Apartment that was modified and only a drop in place for Roman and Irina when both are in the capital of England.

"I know he purchased a house in the area. However, I do not believe the taste of all the apartments in two building. He actually wanted to buy everything and wait until everything is sold one by one," said a property expert.

With the purchase apartment one by one, Abramovich can control both the building with prices ranging 15 million to 20 million Pounds Sterling. The price was cheaper than if you have to buy all the apartments in unison.

According to a property agent in the UK, Noel De Keyzer, price will become a record-breaking development in the world of house property. Previous record occurred in the same city, which is equal to 80 million Pounds Sterling, or half of the value of Abramovich.

After buying the apartment, made Abramovich to buy a luxury home in Sussex. One more home dibelinya at 40 million Pounds Sterling in the near Chester Square, which is then given to Irina after they separated. September 2007, Abramovich also bought a house worth 1.8 million Pounds Sterling which was to become the financial offices and insurance companies international.

Other property owned by Abramovich, among other houses in the Bridges Wharf and Fyning Hill, a villa in southern France, a house in Tuscany, a hotel complex in Cyprus, and the home for a holiday in Montenegro. That's not including the main house in Moscow, Russia.