Changing Climate has knocked minds to think of Global Issues

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All weather forecasts fail when you tamper with the environment. This summer seems to be very hot and humid for Delhi people as the temperature has been recorded around year’s high in May. Predictions by weather naturalists are failing to truth global warming has increased earth’s temperature. A monsoon-influenced climate of Delhi has very high disparity in summer and winter temperatures. Average temperature is noted around 32 degrees and occasional heat waves increases temperature around 45 degrees. But,Guest Posting in past few years due to pollution and global environmental issues the average temperature has seen upraise. Latest Delhi news displaying of hot and humid weather reports from city shows how gradually the temperature is increasing. Drastic changes in temperature have been seen in Delhi with temperature ranging from -2.2 degrees to 49 degrees. This huge variation is certainly creating global thoughts on environment issues.

A few more cities that are facing environmental hazards from past few years are Pune and Bangalore. Known for their pleasant weather throughout the year, the cities now look warmer in day. With day temperature rising the air also gets hot. In latest Pune news the temperature of city is recorded around 37 degrees in daytime and 21 degrees lowest at night. In winter seasons also extreme chill was suffered by people as the temperature went below several degrees from normal temperature. This shift of climate is affecting people health as body is can’t enact to such changes instantly. Industrialization and expansion of city to accommodate more people and companies has resulted in cutting down of trees surrounding the city. This way pollution with population has increased changing the natural habitat of the place.

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Mumbai, the city of dreams where people run behind success though has a natural humid weather. But in past few years the climate has worsened making life much harder there. People running in luxury cars and living in luxury houses may not feel the increasing warmth in environment. But, average earning people who run every day in the sun surely feel how days are gradually getting hotter. Weather reports on latest Mumbai news are showing how people are getting affected by hot weather. Inactivity of government has also troubled as there are no shades and proper drinking water facilities for people in the city. Changing climate has also created health issues as people are getting sick with instantaneous changes in environment. Further, not proper medication is available in city hospitals as per increasing temperature.

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