Slowdown in Hiring

Aug 25


Rinki Rawat

Rinki Rawat

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With the slowdown of technological development in India, there has been a considerable change in the living condition of the people. Multiple factors ...

With the slowdown of technological development in India,Slowdown in Hiring Articles there has been a considerable change in the living condition of the people. Multiple factors are contributing to the imminent job freeze all across the nation, an overall slowdown, the rupee going into a tailspin, a windy political scenario, policy uncertainty and a poor investment culture. Though FDI has been cleared off the row in Retail, Punjab news states that still the corporate houses globally haven’t shown much interest for the investment in India due to policy uncertainty and political instability in India. This can be seen a major set-back for the policy makers and the corporates are seeking a favorable change in the policies to suit their investment portfolios.

While no sector is immune to the economic slowdown, the worst-affected are Automobiles, BFSI, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Telecom and Information Technology. When it comes to permanent hiring, the Latest Bangalore news tells you about the situation which is very close to that in 2008 when the slowdown was at its peak. What companies are doing now is scrubbing requisitions, not increasing their permanent headcount and relying only on the temporary workforce. Sales, customer service and logistics have so far held up the job market, but even the domestic consumption of the labour market looks like it will run out of power. What we can expect is a better market position in the Europe and western countries that will definitely help to promote the latest Bangalore News into much happening news.

The Latest Chennai news is that most of the Infrastructure companies, which have been hurt by high interest burden and the economic slowdown, have trimmed their manpower to reduce costs. Power and infrastructure companies such as GMR, Reliance Infra have also lost top talent amongst the slowdown in business but such companies have managed with internal resources instead of new recruitments. With the Punjab news referring fewer deals in the market and fees earned on deals coming down, banks have cut team sizes in order to sustain operations. Such situation has worsen the condition of the fresher’s who are coming out of the collages as graduates according to Latest Chennai news, but not able to get the job in the market due to this economic slowdown.

With the entire world gushing into the slow down one can’t escape through it, but one thing companies can do it to assure their employees for non-sacking. This will surely give them confidence to be loyal to their companies and eventually help the companies in the long-run.