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The nation is feeling the heat over the latest news of ambush of the Indian soldiers by the heavily armed team of terrorists and Pakistani troops in Kashmir. Though this has not happened the first time in the recent past,Guest Posting the irony is that our PM is mum over this issue. The whole nation is mourning over this incident but apart from that nation has not shown the respect to the martyred soldiers for what they have deserved.

Being the nation that has a spurring population of over 1.28 billion we have just not able to give a strong message to the nations who are constantly voiding the border regulations. The Breaking News that we likely listen to these days is about the cross-border terrorism or cease-fire violations. Does India is lenient in its national policies? Well, the answer is right in front of you.  The government of India has lodged a strong protest with the government of Pakistan,’’ Defense Minister A. K. Antony told the Indian Parliament. This Current News is neither any different response from the Indian government repeated statements over the past killings and beheading of the Indian soldiers.

This incident casts an immediate shadow of the communication between the two nations which will seriously impact the relation between the two nations. Nawaz Sharif, the new prime minister of Pakistan, has made positive remarks towards India and formally sought dates for the resumption of talks between the two countries’ top diplomats and bureaucrats. Mr. Sharif is expected to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India in September on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York is the latest news. But is the talk worth when Indian soldiers are repeatedly being ambushed over the border by Pakistani soldiers?

Does the Indian soldier deserve such humiliation that their sacrifice has gone over the row for the talks to follow immediately? Raising the strong voice is enough for such killings? If not, then why the Indian diplomats are so much concerned for an urgent ‘talks’ to be the Breaking News that hasn’t been any fruitful since the very beginning of the rift. Indian has been a peace loving nation, but that should not be contrasted as its weakness. It has to be much stricter in its foreign polices to its neighboring nations, be it Pakistan or China, who are major threats to India. It’s the high time that India should stimulate an aggressive reply and broke the shackles of a peace-loving nation to its enemies.

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