Insight21 - an Alternative News Project

Feb 16


Jos Graf

Jos Graf

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An introduction to the newly-launched Insight21 website, with a short list of topics based on research into anthroposophy.


Earth Vision has launched a new project entitled Insight21  - answers for the 21st Century.  The website presents various topics that entail front-runners in the need for answers for social and environmental issues.  Some of these treatments include Waldorf Education,Insight21 - an Alternative News Project Articles Biodynamic gardening, Anthroposophical Medicine, as well as various wisdom-centered perspectives form the deep pool of anthroposophical material and the lectures of Rudolf Steiner.

For the past year, Earth Vision has been active with its mandate to reach beyond environmentalism by presenting nature in the light of spiritual ecology.  Now the time has ripened to broaden the mandate.  By virtue of an overview, it becomes possible to address issues that otherwise get bogged down in such reductionist approaches as mainstream science and sociology tend to suffer from.  It becomes increasingly difficult to ascertain the real nature of an issue once the blindfold of reductionist analyses and materialist perspectives become the only resource.

The Insight21 project is designed to  reach forward with its resolutions.  And it is also geared to encourage the input of those who can embrace an overview of any particular issue.  Peruse the Insight21 website to see where you as an individual can become involved.

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