Tickets to Sold-Out-Shows (Concerts, Sports, Theater, Events etc)

Nov 22


Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt

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Tickets to ... the ... MAIN EVENT TICKET GUIDEIf you have ever been ... enough to miss out on tickets for your ... concert or sporting match but you really want to go,


Tickets to Sold-Out-Show
(on the day)

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to miss out on tickets for your favourite concert or sporting match but you really want to go,Tickets to Sold-Out-Shows (Concerts, Sports, Theater, Events etc) Articles then there are techniques that must be followed to ensure your entry to the show. The techniques you will read will work for most concerts and sporting events. We cannot guarantee that these techniques will work every time, but they will work 99% of the time. That’s sorted with, now here is the plan that should be followed in order to gain entry to the show:

The Night Before The Show
First of all, find the arena or stadiums box office telephone number. You need to bypass the typical automated message service (you can usually do this manually by pressing ‘0’ a few times) and get through to a ticket agent. Quote the name of the show, and ask if there are going to be extra tickets available before the show tomorrow. It may be too early for them to tell you this information, but is always worth checking for some peace of mind.

If the ticket agent says ‘No’ then you now must scan the Internet. Check ticket exchanges, auction sites, and specific bands eam websites message boards to see if there are any spare tickets floating around.

The Day of the Event
It’s now the day of the event, you still have no ticket and no way (to your knowledge) of getting them. You must now head down to the venue itself. Make sure you are at the venue roughly 90 minutes before it is to start. This will give you enough time to get your tickets and to get in & settled. You must now follow these steps accurately to be guaranteed a ticket at the cheapest price:

You just arrived at the arena, you must now go directly to the box office. At the box office you must ask if there are any tickets for the event. 90% of the time there will be tickets available, usually on the floor seating or side stage (for concerts), ready for you to buy. These are called ticket holds (as described in the Main Event Ticket Guide). The reason for ticket holds is simply for security and calculation. For example, in concerts, the amount of seats on the floor can only be finalized when they set up the stage, therefore they must sell less tickets than necessary to make sure they don’t sell too many tickets! Ticket holds sometimes occur for the true fans/supporters who are unable to purchase tickets because of ticket brokers and scalpers. The biggest reason however, is its a security procedure that most events most undertake. Anyway, this is the first step. If there were tickets available, I would recommend you buying them from the box office rather than scalpers.

The next step is to circle to venue, and ask the different tickets scalpers (people who buy & sell tickets for profit) what prices they want for their tickets. You should find that they vary dramatically per scalper, and so try to memorize the cheapest areas. The key places that scalpers flock are the main entrances and the box office, but are often more expensive in these places. Don’t be tempted to purchase tickets just yet – unless your happy with the price/or there are few ticket scalpers around. Scalpers will always be at events that have a high demand and if the event is not in high demand then you should have easily gotten tickets for the venue/club itself! IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: The closer to the event, the cheaper the scalpers will sell their tickets.

The next thing to do is to try and find fans with extra/spare tickets. Fans will not be looking for much for their tickets and so tickets can come cheap! It’s quite easy to tell the difference between fans and scalpers. Scalpers are usually interested in buying tickets, not just selling. Scalpers will also be standing in one place, while fans tend to walk around. The biggest difference is of course the clothes (this is easier to tell the difference in concerts). Fans will usually have the team colours (sporting events), or dressed to look good/performers t-shirt (concerts) while scalpers will be in everyday clothes. If you find a fan with tickets buy them here instead of the scalpers, as you will find the prices are cheaper.

You must now buy your tickets from scalpers. The biggest factor now is timing, for sporting events then you are better purchasing tickets for the start, but for concerts it’s not so important as the supporting acts aren’t so special. Its now up to you how long you wait to get your tickets, the later you leave it, the cheaper the tickets will be. Take into account whether you have been to this venue before. An important thing to know is, as soon as the show is scheduled to start the ticket prices plummet! A decade ago (before my Free Ticket Methods), I used to be able to get tickets for a few dollars/pounds that were worth anything up to £30/$50. It’s truly amazing how much you can save by missing the first 5 minutes of a show.

Enjoy the show!

That’s all there is to it. You should never have to miss an event that you want to attend. You have now read how to get tickets on the day of the event and maybe even for a discount, but none of this is as good as getting FREE tickets and even BACKSTAGE PASSES! Click the link below to learn how to do this:

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