How To Get Increasing Website Traffic For Free By Building A List

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A list is important if you want to get increasing website traffic. Ask any internet guru and they will tell you that having a list of potential customers can be said to be the most important part of an internet business. But if you are new to the internet business and have only a limited budget, you may not want to spend money to buy a list. So, how to build a list and increase your website traffic for free?

Here are the 5 strategies to build a list and get increasing website traffic for free.

#1 - Give away freebies

As a start,Guest Posting you can give away some freebies like free ebook or report to build the relationship with your visitors. Though these are supposed to be given for free, you must still make sure that the freebies are of quality and bring value to your visitors. Remember to include your URL link in the freebies. To create a viral effect, you can allow readers to brand the ebook with their own name and email address and encourage them to pass it around. That will get you increasing website traffic for free indirectly.

#2 - Promote your link using joint-venture strategy

You can also have a joint-venture with other webmasters. For e.g., you can include your website link in other people's newsletter for them to promote for you. In return, you include their website in your newsletters. That will certainly help you to get increasing website traffic as your website now has greater exposure.

#3 - Use pop ups

You can use pop ups to encourage visitors to sign up for your website before they leave your site. While pop up can be irritating at times, if you know how to use it correctly and prudently,it can increase your list tremendously and bring you loads of free targeted and increasing website traffic.

#4 - Write articles

You can get an increasing website traffic for free by writing and submitting articles to article directories. You can also submit your article to website owners who accept article submissions. Put your name and website link at the end of the article to drive traffic to your site. Visitors who come to your website after reading your articles will be highly potential and valuable customers.

#5 - Expand your existing list

Don't forget what your existing subscribers can do to get you increasing website traffic. There must be a reason why your existing subscribers become and stay as your subscribers. They should have seen value in your product/services. So, leverage on them. Have a referral program to encourage your subscribers to promote your website to their friends and family. Where possible, offer them some incentives like free gift to thank them for their referrals.

So, who says its impossible to build a list and get increasing website traffic for free?Follow the 5 strategies above consistently and you'll soon get a major leap in your web traffic volume.

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