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May 4 21:00 2004 Wayne Lowe Print This Article

Comprising of Lee Winstanley, James Fisher, Mike Hanson and Wayne Trott, they all form a great band in the name of LoveMonkey. Uniquely brought together, inspiringly created, and fantastically developed. Bringing something new to yours ears. Sit back and enter into an aura of awesome sounds!

Forget all you know about music,Guest Posting start now with a clean slate, and listen as I’ve had the pleasure of listening to them, and now you should to. If you like well written music, truly developed style and a band that gives its all when they perform, then you should definitely listen to them now. They have new music coming out, and once formed in the early 90’s are now set for there best comeback ever!!

They have a great range of sample music you can listen to at (they take only a few minutes to download) and you’ll be guaranteed you’ll like them, why? Because not only are there 4 different talents in the band, but they all form into a band that once won battle of the bands in St. Helens, coming out on top as they came across good competition.

Like any band that would love to play to a live crowd so big that they couldn’t even use a calculator to add them all up, they want to see what they can offer the music world. What they will provide to the music industry is new talent, as well as individual style. You would think after a very long time, the population of earth has been creating music for years, there shouldn’t be anymore individuality in songs left to create, but, still hidden away like the lovemonkey, an now on the verge of breaking out, the new styles of music and newly created songs await the lovemonkey’s platform!!

By visiting there personally created public lovemonkey website, you’ll be showing an interest and you will also get to see the faces behind the music, as well as who plays what! If you want to get extra information on the band email:

Blasting into your ears, exploding onto the world stage, regenerating the new place for new sounds across the UK, giving you the chance to hear them across Merseyside, and beyond! Appearing in venues near you right now!

In 2002/03 they had there songs played on a known Liverpool Radio Station, gaining great interest from the media, and now wants to reach the biggest audience possible, which is you. So visiting there website, e-mailing them, and asking at your local radio stations for them to play there songs, you’ll be the fans who truly support a band who gives just as much back!!

Lovemonkey’s are here, and we’ll all help them to stay in the limelight, an I bet your interested in wondering what they sound like, who they are and you’ll want to know can I get a piece of the music action.

Heart filled music, inspiring ambience of tunes, as well as brilliant vocal talent. Giving off beats of catchy sounds, Lovemonkey’s music is for all… but believe me this is not the end, it’s the start of there new beginning

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Wayne Lowe

This article is to promote "Lovemonkey", as they are currently looking for a manager to manage them. Offering all they can to increase the bands output to the UK and beyond.
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