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One word of ultimate ... become stronger in every day life. How you do this depends on how you get hurt through life. Getting advice from everyone else is easy, all we do is listen or read. But

One word of ultimate advice... become stronger in every day life. How you do this depends on how you get hurt through life. Getting advice from everyone else is easy,Guest Posting all we do is listen or read. But how did the first person who created FIRE know it was hot? Because of experience, then the second person was told dont touch its hot, an word soon go around etc. This is the idea of life. Some choose to ignore the "Dont touch its hot" signs and get hurt, even though we all know its hot. But some do take the advice. In order to fully understand in life and develop as a person, we need to personally go through it all.

Relationships. I've had one or two, but one main one. Im now in my second. My first relationship hurt alot when it ended. The true feelings of love are realised. Lust is sometimes but not all the time mixed up with the word love. Do we know what love feels like. Could you simply say to yourself "Im in love!" if you can your one of the lucky ones, and also one of the ones who has experienced alot and gotten stronger in the process. Im jealous if you have...

Can we write it down the word love, how can we describe love. Its got alot to do with the word 'Stronger'. We become stronger through our past, we reflect and make ourselves better people in the long run! I propose that becoming stronger is feeling comfortable in our own skin. Who cares if we are fat, with spots, or slightly under weight, we all need some advice to help us along. We love reading our star signs, we love seeing story lines on TV about love and hate, this all builds up the ideas we get about life. But we need the one thing in our lives to help us become stronger and thats someone we can turn to without a doubt and hold in our arms.

We are all part of this planet, its buzzing and abundant life. Were all human, and think about it, one man could go through life and be alone, but still be happy. We could say that he hasnt had experience in love, so he hasnt gotten stronger. We all develop in ways far different from each other. But this lonley guy might have had one relationship and decided that enough is enough, he doesnt want to go through it again... but thats where we go wrong. I tell a lot of people to go out there in the world and open your heart to the world, while were still here enjoying life, open our hearts and let everything in, we definately get stronger as a consequence.

Wake up in the morning and find new ways to make yourself smile. Put odd socks on and laugh at the reason why your doing it. I can see that your about to smile and so therefore dont be afraid to. Im writing this in the Main Liverpool library and its funny that everyone who's just walked past me isnt smiling. Im the only one doing it.

Take this in thought. I woke up one morning feeling pretty down, as i didnt get much sleep. Got dressed and ready for work, and stepped outside my house off to get the bus, and the first person I saw one morning was a very happy lady cleaning her windscreen of her car. She turned to me as I walked passed and gave me the biggest smile i have ever seen, my response was to smile even harder at her, as she had just made my entire day!

The simple things in life are free, and the most meaningfull ones are to. If someone loves you, and then tells you that they do, it means more than most things in life. You dont have to pay someone to tell you that they love you, if your with someone value what comes free to you more, which is a healthy life. Most around the world rarely see smiling people and are caught up in disease or death and starvation. Tsunami is a word in this day and age that has caused us to realise that we are very lucky indeed. So to think about love and life, develop your inner need to become stronger, as if you think about it, your alot stronger than most of the people in third world countries...

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