All You Ever Wanted To Know About Pantyhose

Jan 14


Roberto Sedycias

Roberto Sedycias

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Pantyhose refers to women`s underpants with sheer nylon hosiery, and it became a most desired product by women across the world. Learn more.

Pantyhose were discovered by Allen Gant Senior and its first version appeared in 1959. Pantyhose are a combination of stockings and underpants. Needless to say,All You Ever Wanted To Know About Pantyhose Articles pantyhose emphasize the attractiveness of a woman. It makes legs look smooth, silky and extremely sexy. On the more human side, pantyhose make it easier to wear and take off shoes. It lends slenderness and shine to an otherwise blemished skin. During winter, pantyhose provide much needed warmth and coziness. The uniform pressure applied on all parts of the leg enhances blood circulation too.

Nylon is the preferred material used in the making of pantyhose. Importance is given to maintain a high degree of excellence in strength, elasticity and shine while manufacturing pantyhose. Weightlessness is another alluring feature of good pantyhose. And no compromises are made to see that the product is as durable as possible. Nylon is able to provide all these features besides being crease-free. Another material used as an alternative to nylon is spandex.

Denier is the unit with which the thickness of nylon is measured. The sheerness of pantyhose can vary from 3-80 deniers, a higher value denoting a thicker garment. The design of the pantyhose is normally the same with a few variations thrown in for elegance and style. Since most women are conscious of their protruding bellies, a broader elastic band is provided near the waist, in some pantyhose, to disguise this. The crotch is made of cotton to enhance comfort. The heel and toes are doubled in strength to avoid wear and tear and improve durability. Darker shades of pantyhose are normally preferred in winter.

Uses of pantyhose:

The uses of pantyhose are manifold. New pantyhose serve the purpose of giving confidence in the mind of the user. They make the wearer look alluring and seductive. They also provide warmth and comfort. But the utility of old pantyhose can be mind-boggling!

Old pantyhose can be used to clean up a fish-tank or a garden pond. A debris-skimmer can be created by folding a clothes hanger into a circle and covering it with pantyhose. All the debris can then be removed like magic!

Pantyhose are priceless as far as kitchen utility is concerned. They serve as wonderful scrubbers for utensils, especially non-stick ones. Pantyhose can be rolled into a ball to serve as a floor shiner. Wet flour can be prevented from sticking onto a rolling pin by covering it with a tube of pantyhose. A garbage liner can be secured with the help of the elastic band of the pantyhose.

A garden cannot do without pantyhose as well. Ripe onions and potatoes can be stored and tomato vines can be secured with pantyhose. Flower bulbs can be stored in the same way. Pots can be lined with pantyhose before being filled with mud and planted with houseplants. This will prevent the soil from being washed away.

A wonderful loofah can be crafted out of pantyhose by just cutting off the legs, filling the remainder with left-behind pieces of soap and then tying the ends. It can be placed beside the sink to wash hands regularly.

The best use of old pantyhose is perhaps to ferret out lost objects from the carpet. A leg from old pantyhose can be cut out and tied around the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner. In no time the lost object will be found sticking to the pantyhose in the nozzle!

Mothballs can be kept inside pantyhose to protect clothes in a closet. A similar variation can be done by using scent instead of mothballs.


The uses of pantyhose are thus endless. Be it new or old, pantyhose is an accessory that no one can do without.

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