Friendship in College Worthy of Cherishing

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We have most of the activities with our friends, which may become the memories that can be cherished by us for the whole life. I remember my friends use the shell beads to make a heart shaped circle for me in my birthday party!

Now it is the graduation season. Most of the students are graduating from colleges or universities. It seems that the time in the colleges or universities is memorable for all of us! In the three to four years,Guest Posting we not only study much knowledge referred to our major, but also make many friends that may accompany with us all the way in the rest of the life. There may be many incidents happened between you and your friends. We spend three to four year studying, or having fun together with our friends! The friends in college time are treasure. In colleges or universities, we have much spare time. We can do many things that we may not have the opportunities to do when we are in high school. We have activities with our friends, which may become the memories that can be cherished by us for the whole life.

We may remember a meaningful birthday party that our dormitory mates prepared for us. I remember that it was my 21th birthday on that day; I was tired after studying for the whole day. Once I stepped into my dormitory, there were only darkness and loneliness waiting for me. I thought everyone was preparing for the final examination, they might forget my birthday! What surprised me and touched me was the scene I saw when I turned on the light. My dormitory mates used the shell beads to make a heart shaped circle. Inside the circle, there were many pictures which were taken when we travelled or had fun together before. Under the pictures, there was a sentence. It said, “We will be together all the time”. Then they approached to me from another room, singing happy birthday songs with their hands holding a chocolate cake. The song was soft and I was moved to tears. The cake was very sweet. The bear on the cake was very lovely. I still remember the things happened on that day, and I will always remember them forever besides the bear, the song, and the faces.

My college is in the suburb. It was not prosperous nearby. Although there were not many shops or places to entertain, we had a nice time there. The scenery there is very beautiful. I remember on one day afternoon, I and other three friends went out to the Strawberry Fields. We hired two bikes and rode to the strawberry fields. The strawberry fields are well known in the city where my college is in. Generally speaking, there are many people go to the strawberry fields near our college in groups or individually. We had lived in college for two years. It was a pity for us that the strawberry fields were so near to us thus we had never been there. Then on a sunny afternoon, we rode there happily.
We were so happy on that day that we felt as if the flowers and grass were smiling to us when we were riding on the bus. After we arrived at the strawberry fields, the bosses of the strawberry field prevented us from going to the fields for the reason that the strawberries were picked up by tourists, the new strawberries had not grown out. The kind boss permitted us after we pegged him for a long time. We lied to him, “we are tourists from other city. We intend to make a tour here.” After we went into the fields, we pick strawberries, and take photos. In a word, we had a good time there. I will also remember the things happened on that day, the scenery, the boss, the strawberry, the flower, the grass and an incident too. I was sitting on the back of the bike on that day. My friend parked the bike by a hole accidently. I stepped into the whole fortunately.

There are many other memorable experiences happened in college time. I cherish the memories and I also cherish the friends who left the memories with me.

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