How Can You Use Gemstones For Your House and Office?

Dec 17


Ana Jackson

Ana Jackson

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A Gemstone for every Room: We have been writing articles on gemstones for men, women, children, mothers and pets but We think it is time to write one on the best gemstones for each room in the house. A room-by-room guide to using gemstones.


We will go through each room in a normal home and choose one or two gemstones that can influence the activities and emotions that take place there.

Entrance: Let’s start with the front door,How Can You Use Gemstones For Your House and Office? Articles the entrance hall or the porch, through which all energy, whether positive or negative, must pass through.

We need something protective, place Black TourmalineGemstones here as it will shield your home from negative energy and absorb any harmful energies of people entering the house.

Living Room: Then we have the living room or lounge area where we like to unwind and relax. Turquoise brings calmness and serenity as well as empathy and friendship, an ideal gemstone for the lounge or family room.

A great substitute to Turquoise is Larimar, the only gemstone found in the Caribbean. It is a calming gemstone that also helps with communication and honesty.

Dining Room: From there, we will move to the dining room where Blue Agate will help with a lively conversation and allow for a confident expression of ideas, without a hint of arguments and acrimony.

For those watching what they eat, Apatite gemstones suppress hunger pangs so you can resist that second helping.

Kitchen: The kitchen can be your favourite room or the last place on earth you want to be; we have a couple of gemstones that may help. Carnelian will get your creativity flowing and bring out the inner Gordon Ramsay.

However, if cooking is more of a chore than a pleasure, try some Pyrope Garnet as it will boost your energy and motivation at the end of a long and tiring day.

Bathroom: A bathroom is a place of relaxation and revitalization, and there is no better gemstone for both than Clear Quartz, a cleansing and purifying gemstone that will also bring clarification and positivity in your life.

Bedroom: Either Amethyst or Rose Quartz (better still, let them work in combination) are perfect gemstones for the bedroom. Amethyst brings a restful night’s sleep, free of bad dreams and Rose Quartz inspires feelings of love and romance.

Children’s Bedroom: For the children’s bedroom, we would suggest Moonstone keep away nightmares and the fear of the dark.

Also, Peridot, the Study Stone, will help with homework and preparation for exams.

Office: The office at home will benefit from the Tiger’s Eye gemstone or two. This gemstone will get you focused on the task at hand and will keep you motivated and concentrating all day long.

However, if your home office contains lots of electronic equipment and wifi connections, then keep some Malachite nearby as it will block and absorb the harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Garden: In the end, just as much part of the home is the garden, the plants and vegetable patches could do with some gemstone power, too, and none is better than Green Aventurine, the gemstone of prosperity and abundance, that will blossom and bear fruit in your backyard in no time.

How does someone use gemstones in the home?

The use of gemstones in individual rooms can be as simple as placing one or two on a cabinet, shelf or side table. You can create an imaginative aesthetic display or make an elixir to spray around the room to fill it with the gemstone’s aura.

We have chosen the gemstones based on their sphere of influence and the most common function of each. Also, we can apply the knowledge of the ancient practice of Feng Shui to place gemstones in certain parts of the home in order to utilize their forces.




Black Tourmaline

Living Room

Turquoise / Larimar

Dining Room

Blue Agate / Apatite


Carnelian / Pyrope Garnet


Clear Quartz


Rose Quartz / Amethyst

Child’s Bedroom

Moonstone / Peridot

Home Office

Tiger’s Eye / Malachite


Green Aventurine