How to Find the Best Self-Storage Companies and Avoid the Bad Ones

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If you’re in need of extra storage space for your personal belongings,Guest Posting vehicles, or business equipment, your easiest and most affordable solution will be to rent space from a local self-storage facility.  Self-storage is now big business, and you are almost certain to have a self-storage facility somewhere near you.  If you live in an urban area, in fact, you probably have several self-storage facilities from which to choose.  If so, you need to know how to tell the good self-storage companies from the bad.

The best way to spot a bad self-storage company is by looking at what it does not offer.  The best self-storage companies can be spotted from the outside, because of their security measures.  These will begin with the high perimeter fence or wall strong enough to be intruder proof.  Look for guards on patrol, because cells-storage facilities run by the best companies almost always have them.  There should also be surveillance cameras recording all the activity taking place at the facilities and a security staff which is constantly monitoring the data.
Drive by the facilities you’re considering after dark and check their lighting.  Lighting which is either broken or incapable of reaching into every corner is a sign of an undesirable self-storage facility.  A good self storage company will require anyone entering to either punch in a gate code or provide identification to the security guard at the entrance.

Although even the best self storage facilities are not liable for loss or damage to the articles stored there, they will take measures to protect your belongings.  The minimum you can expect is climate controlled units should you require them, and all units should have airtight rubber door gaskets preventing dust from entering.  If you notice loose or cracked rubber gaskets, it is another sign of a poorly maintained facility.

There should be a regular program of insect general control, and the facility should be free of water damage.  The units should be clean both inside and out, and the roadways between them should allow plenty of access so you can easily move your possessions.  If you live in an area prone to flooding were earthquakes, the best self storage companies will provide extra protection from those disasters.

Once you have looked at a good self-storage facility, you will have no trouble recognizing a bad one.  So take the time to visit at least three or four self-storage sites before making a final decision.

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