Self-Storage: Types and Typical Costs

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Almost all self-storage units offer three basic types of self-storage. You can get storage for possessions other than your vehicles in outdoor storage units which have their own interior lighting in sheet metal ceilings,Guest Posting or you can rent and indoor storage unit. Most indoor storage units are built with heavy wire mesh ceilings which permit air circulation and also let the storage facility’s sprinkler system operate during a fire. These units usually do not have separate lighting.

Outdoor storage units, because they are climate-controlled, are not appropriate for any items which could be damaged with exposure to weather and humidity extremes. You will have to pay more for a climate-controlled indoor unit, but it is really the only option for items like oil paintings, valuable documents, antiques, and furs or suede clothing.

The third type of cell storage is vehicle storage. Some storage facilities to offer indoor vehicle storage for even the largest motor homes and will provide rack storage for bolts, but most facilities simply offer outdoor parking and may supply a protective cover for your vehicle.

The cost of your self-storage unit will depend on a number of factors including the degree of security available at the facility, the size of the unit, the demand for self storage units in your area and whether or not your unit is climate-controlled. But here are some typical monthly fees for the most common sizes of self-storage units:

5' x 5', $40-$50 a month;

10' x 15', $75-$150 per month;

10' x 20', $90-$190 per month.

When arriving at a total monthly cost for self storage unit however you will also have to include the cost of additional insurance to replace damaged or lost items, because the storage facility will not be responsible for them in most cases. You may also have to purchase a lock for your unit directly from the storage facility. It is important, therefore, that before you sign a contract with a storage facility, you read it very carefully and make sure there will be no hidden fees.

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