Self-Storage Security: Understanding What You Need

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Any time any of your possessions have to be stored where you can’t have immediate access to them,Guest Posting it is essential that you know they are secure.  You may be someone, in fact who has the most advanced security system for your own home, and you should not have to settle for anything less protecting the possessions you have to store elsewhere.

While all self-storage facilities have at least a few security measures to offer to their customers, the quality of those measures can very enormously.  Only you can determine how much security will be enough.  If the items you want to store are extremely valuable, then you will want a self-storage facility which can offer state-all-the-art security technology.  If you’re only storing discarded household items until you can accumulate enough of them to hold a garage sale, you will be happy with far less.  Here are some of the self-storage security measures currently available:

Alarm systems similar to those available for homeowners, which will be monitored on site or be connected to the local police.  Some high-end self storage facilities will have individual unit alarms which can be triggered either by motion detractors or when a unit is left open beyond a specified time.

A system requiring visitors to sign in and out when they enter and leave the facility.  Your facility management should also promise that no one who is not currently renting a unit will be allowed access unless accompanied by a member of the staff.

A gate code to be punched in or a key card to be swiped to allow entrance to the facility and to the individual units.

An intercom system which lets guards report suspicious activity to one another and to the site manage.

Closed-circuit cameras with 24 hour monitoring by a security guard.

Management which lives on the premises, or round-the-clock guard services.

Lighting strong enough to illuminate all areas, both interior and exterior, all of the premises.

Perimeter fencing, preferably brick or concrete, which will prevent potential intruders from surveying the facility.

The cost of yourself-storage unit will depend at least in part on the level of security available at your facility.  So be sure that the value of your items in storage merits the expense of the security you are paying for!

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