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Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan

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Click the B icon in the menu bar and choose Open Main Window to bring up Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. Click Actions in the menu bar. Choose Update threat information database. Bitdefender will check for updates. If an update is available, it is automatically downloaded and installed on your Mac.


Bitdefender antivirus software is one of the most preferred digital security solutions present in the market. It has been delivering the right notion of the protective sheath to the PCs,HOW TO INSTALL AND UPDATE BITDEFENDER ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE ON MAC? Articles that is, the need of the hour to tackle the challenges posed by new threats and attacks. Hence, Bitdefender antivirus software holds the capability to reduce the vulnerability index or risk of a PC. Due to this, antivirus software is popular among its customers. Let’s know more on the installation and updating of the antivirus software for Mac.


Minimum System Requirements to Install Bitdefender Antivirus on Mac

It is essential to know and see the minimum system requirements for Bitdefender antivirus software before its installation on Mac. Go through the given below requirements (in addition to other requirements):

  1. Intel-based Macintosh with macOS Yosemite 10.10 or higher
  2. Minimum 1 GB of RAM memory
  3. Minimum 1 GB hard disk free space available
  4. Proper internet connection to register and update Bitdefender Antivirus software
  5. Safari, Firefox, and Chrome as supported browsers
Installing Bitdefender Antivirus Software

Prior to the Bitdefender antivirus software installation, check that there exists or a registered user account available. In case there is no account, firstly sign up. Besides this, check that there has been a subscription taken for Bitdefender from the Bitdefender Central portal. Hence, it would ensure validity after the installation of the product. In case there is an older license key present, one can transform the same into a Bitdefender subscription.

  1. After turning on the Mac by pressing its power button, launch a web browser and type the most relevant URL for the Bitdefender Central login page.
  2. Sign in to the Bitdefender Central account by entering the registered email address and password linked with the user account portal.
  3. On the user account portal, tap on the My Devices panel.
  4. Then, select the “+ Install Bitdefender products on your devices.”
  5. Now, when the new window pops up, select the Security, and click on the “This device” tab to begin installing Bitdefender antivirus software on the Mac.
  6. Next, select the location in the Mac where the setup and packaged file will get downloaded.
  7. After the downloading process is over, double click on the file with pkg as an extension to go through the instructions to install Bitdefender antivirus software.
  8. Tap on the “Allow” button when prompted, and then click the “Continue” tab.
  9. Accept the terms and clauses mentioned in the Bitdefender’s Subscription Agreement.
  10. Choose the location in the Mac where the user wants to install the Bitdefender antivirus software and related files.
  11. Click on the “Continue” button and select the “Install” option.
  12. Type the username and password again when prompted.
  13. Hit the “Install Software” tab.
  14. Once the installation is over, a message appears indicating the conclusion of the process.
Updating the Bitdefender Antivirus Software on Mac
  1. From Mac’s desktop, click the B icon situated on the top-right corner.
  2. Select the “Open Main Window” to bring up Bitdefender antivirus software for Mac.
  3. Tap on the “Actions” option in the menu bar.
  4. Now, choose the “Update threat information database” from the drop-down menu. One can also perform the same by entering the command key  and the U key.
  5. It will start checking for updates related to Bitdefender antivirus software.
  6. In case there is an update available, both the download and installation process will commence automatically.
  7. Select the option “Restart to upgrade” after the installation of Bitdefender antivirus software updates.

Bitdefender antivirus software supports the protection of Mac systems. But, before availing of this support by downloading, installing, and activating, it is necessary to see that there is no issue at the minimum system requirement end.