How To Use Bitdefender Mobile Security For Android?

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Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android is the most advanced mobile security app for Android devices, as proven by independent test scores over the past years. 

Smartphones are the biggest source of data generation these days. Any data leakage or attempt to steal those vital data can hamper the image of the user. Hence,Guest Posting there is a need to secure these smartphones from threats like viruses, phishing, spyware, ransomware, adware, etc. Bitdefender offers a unique product that complies with mobile security, named Bitdefender Mobile Security. This antivirus application with a dedicated functionality to deliver protection to smartphones holds distinctive features. Let’s understand how to use, download, and install Bitdefender Mobile Security.


Downloading & Installing the Bitdefender Mobile Security from Google Play Store

Before beginning the download of the Bitdefender Mobile Security app on the Android smartphone, check the cellular network stability. Otherwise, try to connect with the Wi-Fi network. It will ensure that the data transfer rate (mainly, the download speed) is adequate. Apart from this, check that the minimum requirement to download and install the Bitdefender Mobile Security is Android 5 (Lollipop). To download and install the mobile application, execute the given set of steps as given below:

  1. Unlock the Android smartphone.
  2. Launch the Google Play Store application.
  3. Tap on the search bar and enter the “Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus” (Since the Google Play Store application has an autocomplete feature, it may fill the rest details accordingly once the user starts typing).
  4. Select the appropriate mobile app and click on the “Install” button.
  5. Wait for some time till the download and installation take place.
  6. The button that is displaying the text “Install” when changed to “Open” indicates that the installation is successful. Otherwise, a notification comes on the background regarding the completion of the installation process.
                                                               Downloading & Installing the Bitdefender Mobile Security from Bitdefender Central

There’s an option available to download and install the Bitdefender Mobile Security from Bitdefender Central. However, one needs to have a Bitdefender account. Follow the steps to download and install the Bitdefender Mobile Security mobile application:

  1. Open a web browser from the smartphone and enter the link to land on the Bitdefender web page.
  2. Enter the Bitdefender user account login credentials to sign in to the user account portal.
  3. Now, on the user account portal, tap on the icon situated on the screen’s upper-left corner and choose “My Devices.”
  4. On the My Devices web page, hit the “Install Bitdefender products on your devices” option.
  5. Select “Security” and tap on “This device” to proceed with the download and installation process.
  6. It will automatically open the Google Play Store mobile app. If it has not opened or started, choose the same from the list of suggested mobile applications.
  7. Follow the remaining steps as discussed in the previous section.
Opening the Bitdefender Mobile Security

Before starting with Bitdefender Mobile Security mobile application, ensure that there is an account already registered with Bitdefender Central. After fulfilling it, go through the given set of instructions:

  1. Once the installation is over, start the mobile app.
  2. A license agreement first appears on the screen. Tap on the checkbox adjacent to “I agree with the Subscription agreement” and click on the “CONTINUE” button.
  3. Now, enter the username and password and tap on the “SIGN IN” option.
  4. Now, hit the “GET STARTED” option.
Activating Web Protection by Bitdefender Mobile Security
  1. From the menu, tap on the icon and select the “ACTIVATE” option.
  2. Next, give the accessibility permission for Bitdefender Mobile Security. However, if one wants to enable the same later, one can choose the “NOT NOW” as an alternative.
  3. Also, permit Bitdefender Mobile Security to make and manage phone calls and to access photos, media, and files on the device.
  4. Now, implement the cellular smartphone’s full scan by tapping on the “SCAN NOW” tab.

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Bitdefender Mobile Security protects Android smartphones from threats and attacks. It is easy to download and install the mobile app version. Just keep the essential parameters in mind, as mentioned above, and have hassle-free usage.

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