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Al Pacino was the first “face” on Facebook. A very early iteration of the site displayed a header

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that millions of people use every day. You can share a variety of posts,Guest Posting including photos, videos, feeds, and more. The platform even lets you do a lot of other things, including texting, audio call, as well as video calls. Facebook is undoubtedly a great source of entertainment. Many companies even use this platform for advertising their products. Well, you can use it in various ways but there are a few things that you probably didn’t know about Facebook. In this article, we will share with you some very interesting facts about Facebook that will blow your mind. So, without taking much more time in the introduction, let’s move to our main topic. Here we go!


Facemash Was the Original Name of Facebook

Facebook was originally created as a website named Facemash to compare the faces of people. It was designed to tell whose face is more attractive, but when Harvard University got to know about this project. They started threatening Mark Zuckerberg with expulsion from the University, and then he had to decommission the project. And with time, it was changed into Facebook.

From Awesome Icon to Like Icon

The Like icon is so popular among people. We use this icon not only on Facebook but other platforms as well. But what if I tell you that it used to be an Awesome icon, yes you heard that right. First of all, Facebook named it Awesome icon, but in the year 2007 Mark Zuckerberg changed the name and made it simple, that’s Like.

How Big Facebook Is

If you compare Facebook with other similar platforms, you will get to know that it comes in the top third. After Google and YouTube, Facebook is the most popular website.

Who Uses Facebook the Most (Men or Women)

You will be surprised to know that men use Facebook more than women. According to the data published in the year 2020, 57 percent of all Facebook users are men and 43% are women.

Total Posts on Facebook Every Day

Millions of people share their stuff on Facebook every day, and you will be surprised to know that more than 350 million photos are shared on Facebook each day.

The Most Shared Content

As we all know that people share a variety of content on Facebook, including photos, videos, etc. But which one is the most shared? Well, the answer is video. If we calculate, the average share for each video post will be 89.5; it’s significantly higher compared to the other kinds of posts.


Well, Facebook supports more than 100 languages which is why people from all around the world love using it. 50 percent of Facebook users speak English.


Facebook is compatible with phones, tablets, computers, etc. And if you compare the Facebook users on the basis of devices, you will find that the phones are the number one device used by people for browsing Facebook. According to the data published in the year 2020, over 98 percent of Facebook users use Facebook on their phones.

That’s all for this article. I hope you enjoyed the facts written above. Thank you for reading it. Have a nice day!


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