Learning Chinese - live lessons vs. MP3 learning part1

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When it comes to learning a foreign language,Guest Posting most students know all about the traditional CD and DVD courses that are advertised on websites and on television. These CDs or DVDs feature an instructor who walks you through the lessons one at a time, leaving a gap in between their pronunciations and yours so you can practice your language skills. If you need more time, you have to replay the lesson.

This, of course, can be frustrating, particularly when you’re learning a language like Chinese. The pronunciations are very exacting and you’ll quickly find yourself wearing out the replay button on your computer as you go back and forth in the lessons.

If you want to know how to learn Chinese, there’s really only one way: live lessons. While CDs and DVDs are better than nothing, they are really nothing more than glorified audio files, akin to listening to music on iTunes. As such, you can’t really get as much out of them, except to learn to repeat what they say over and over.

In contrast, individual lessons will show you how to learn Chinese effortlessly. Working with a qualified and certified teacher, they will work with you on a one-on-one basis, giving you valuable feedback and answering your questions as you go.

The best part is the instructor will create a customized course for you, using your background, previous exposure to the language and individual needs as the basis for the course’s design. They will then show you how to learn Chinese in the way that matches your exact needs. You move at your own pace, in the privacy of your home and office, with no one watching over you.

And, unlike learning with audio files, you don’t have to rewind the lessons or simply move on because you didn’t understand something. Instead, you can stop the instructor at any time to go over a particular lesson or skill. You never have to gloss over a key skill set or miss an important lesson. They will show you how to learn Chinese the right way, and be with you every step along the way as you master this amazing ancient language that is spoken by one-fifth of the world.

While there are several online learning centers out there that can show you how to learn Chinese, you want to be sure that you select one with certified teachers who are trained to teach Westerners. One of the leaders in this method is Mando Mandarin (http://www.mandomandarin.com). Their instructors are all degreed educators who are bilingual and are carefully recruited and selected by the company to serve as teachers. They will teach you how to learn Chinese using a proven method of interactive lessons that allow you to work directly with a native speaker who not only knows Chinese fluently, but knows how to teach it as well.

Chinese is a wonderful language to learn and the experts at Mando Mandarin can show you how to learn Chinese in as little as 10 hours and become fluent in the language in about three months of intensive online lessons.

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