Protect Your Kids with Hi Vis and Country Workwear

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Most children love to be outside, even when the sun is blazing overhead. It can be a challenge to keep them indoors on hot sunny days as they are not concerned about getting sunburns or becoming overheated.

Fortunately,Guest Posting along with applying sunblock on exposed skin, you can choose clothing to help protect your children from the sun, bugs and prickly plants while they are outside playing.

Clothes for Outdoor Play

When it is hot outside in the summer, many children wear shorts and tee-shirts when they play outdoors. While these clothes may help keep them cooler, they can expose too much skin when the sun is at its peak. Along with applying sunscreen, wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants is a good way to protect children’s skin from the sun.

Kids countrywear, which may include long sleeve work shirts like mum or dad wear on the farm or when working in the garden, can protect your little ones when they are outside playing. Shirts made from cotton and other natural fabrics are breathable which helps dissipate heat because the fibres are woven to allow air through them. These fabrics are also durable enough to withstand hours of play or hard work as mum or dad’s little helpers.

High Visibility Clothing

Along with work shirts, some companies sell high visibility workwear in children’s sizes to play in outdoors. Since many kids like to imitate their parents when they go off to work or help in the garden, they can wear these outfits to look like parents who may work construction or in mining. Although they are moderately priced, you can sometimes find a kids hi vis workwear clearance sale which can help you save money.

Kids high visibility clothing can be worn when fishing or hunting so they are easier to spot amongst trees and grass. It is critically important to be able to spot someone when you’re out in the wilderness so you don’t accidentally shoot near them while hunting. The clothing will also protect them from the sun and any allergic reactions they may have from grasses or plants with which they may come into contact.

Colours for Girls and Boys

As with most kids clothing, kids countrywear and high visibility clothing come in bright colours suitable for boys and girls. From bright blues to yellows to pinks, you will find shirts, pants and hats in colours children favour. Along with the bright colours, hi vis clothing also comes with reflective strips to make it easier to spot youngsters when they are near streets or as it grows dark outside to prevent them from being in accidents.

Although your colour and size selection may be limited when you find a kids hi vis workwear clearance sale, you can affordable to buy multiple items if your children’s sizes are available. Kids workwear not only lets them pretend they are going off to work with mum or dad, but it can keep them from getting sunburns, bug bites and allergic reactions when playing outdoors.


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