Rare And Precious Platinum Engagement Rings

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Platinum engagement rings not only invoke the classic style of the Edwardian era, but platinum itself is among the rarest of all precious metals.  It is no wonder, then, that platinum has become the most popular choice for engagement rings since its value, durability, and purity transcend another valuable metal - gold.

Why are platinum engagement rings preferred more often than white gold?  It’s all in the metal.  Platinum is considered the most pure among all metals,Guest Posting and it is not only easier to work with but can be set around any diamond with perfect precision.

The elements contained in platinum contribute to its pliability and allows for minute intricacies to be achieved.  Within the platinum lineage, there are also the following elements: palladium and platinum, which are more readily available; and the combination of the all too rare osmium, rhodium, iridium, and ruthenium.

Considered the heaviest among all metals, platinum jewelry is expensive due to the iridium and ruthenium contained therein.  Thus, because platinum is known to be so pure, platinum rings can be worn without having to worry about allergic reactions or discoloration of the skin.

It should also be noted that rhodium, one of the components in platinum, is a harder metal. Whiter and more durable, it is mostly utilized as a coating for both platinum and white gold.

White gold may look the same as platinum, but there is a difference.  While white gold is hard, it does tend to become yellow which is why the rhodium plating is used to coat it.  Eventually, however, even this will wear off.  In addition, white gold is more fragile than platinum and the prongs can easily break.

Conversely, the prongs in platinum engagement rings wherein detailed work is required can be larger in size to safely and securely set the diamond.  These prongs adapt to the setting more easily and thus there is little chance the diamond will become damaged or loose over time.  In addition, platinum lasts a long time and doesn’t show signs of wear as in the case of gold.

If you check the hundreds of websites offering platinum engagement rings, you will immediately notice the wide variety of settings offered such as: cathedral and solitaire, four prong or six prong, and flat or contour.  In addition, the utilization of pavé settings in platinum engagement rings can be achieved more easily than using other metals.  Pavé simply means that groups of stones can be set as close together as possible.

When choosing platinum engagement rings or other platinum jewelry, consider that the metal itself is stronger and softer than most other metals, especially white gold; will last longer; includes styles that are classier in design; and its value will increase over time.

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