How Catnip Affects Cats

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When you have a cat you have to make sure you give them everything that they need. Should catnip be on that list?

If you have a cat it can up to you to be sure they are well cared for and that there are no troubles with them. Naturally this isn’t as simple as we might think it would be. You have to make certain they may be up to date with the shots,Guest Posting that they are eating the best food, and you get them toys they'll actually wish to play with.

The majority owners are incredibly aware that quite a lot of toys and treats you pay money for the cat are full of a plant that's generally known as catnip. This is something which the animal goes absolutely crazy over and they will do everything in their power to get at it. Because it's placed within most toys you will find that a ton of cats can play just to try to get at the smell they are craving so bad.

Is this good for them though? It's funny to watch your feline pet go nuts over a toy or after they have consumed their ‘special’ treats. Yet, this can be like giving yourself weed or pot. This will invoke such a powerful reaction from the cat that it might send them over the edge if they've a little too much.

In the end it will be best should you kept this from the cat. Read the labels of everything that you purchase and make sure the catnip is nowhere to be found. Instead find a way to make them play with the toy if you are the one trying to throw it or if you are getting down and wiggling with them.

Catnip and your cat isn’t a mixture you want to place together. It is better for the cat to not give them any of it at all. Occasionally they probably have a reaction which will make them short-tempered and they might bite or scratch you or your children. This is something you do not want to have to deal with. Just make sure that you also speak with your vet concerning what this might do to the cat’s health and if you should take that risk.

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