Bloody People - A Right Royal Fiasco

Apr 5


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Prince Charles has put his Royal foot in it again. At a time so close to the wedding, Prince Charles has provided the press with an ideal opportunity to rub its hands in glee at the comments he made at a photocall in the Swiss Mountains.


Prince Charles,Bloody People - A Right Royal Fiasco Articles William and Harry posed for a photocall without realising that microphones had been placed in the snow merely a few feet from where they sat. It was for this reason alone that the comments were recorded with crystal clear clarity in what was supposed to have been a private conversation between the Prince and his two sons and which ended up being reported by the press as a disaster of his own making.

Reported as a Public Relations disaster, Clarence House officials were quick to point out that Prince Charles had not been pleased with paparazzi photographs taken the day before of William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

At one point Nicholas Witchell, reporter for the BBC, addressed the Royal group with the question "Eight days now to the wedding, how are you, William and Harry feeling at the prospect of marriage?" Muttering under his breath Charles commented, "Bloody people, I can't bear that man, I mean he is so awful he really is". Unfortunately Prince Charles was unaware just how close and sensitive the microphones were.

Just what can we conclude from this incident? Is Prince Charles a pompous old stick in the mud? Should he have made such comments? Why such animosity towards Nicholas Witchell in particular?

To understand things a little better we need to look back into the past when Witchell upset Prince Charles with his coverage of the deaths of Princes Margaret and the Queen Mother. This same reporter also reported incorrectly that Prince Harry may have taken cocaine. Prior to these incidents Witchell has a history of reporting on the Royal family that has not always been favourable and has caused some bad feelings between Prince Charles and the BBC. It has also been reported in the press that Nicholas Witchell is not popular with work colleagues and that there is something about him that causes people to dislike him.

So what can we conclude from this? A Royal Photocall such as this should have presented the Prince positively and this event was an ideal opportunity for the Prince to woo the general public and talk cheerfully about his forthcoming marriage and family. A famous person should know how to react in front of the cameras and should expect to be hunted down and photographed by hordes of Paparazzi, shouldn't he? How did it all go so tragically wrong? Did it actually go wrong? Perhaps this was the best thing that could have happened.

Looking at this in an entirely different light let us consider the following points. First and foremost, Prince Charles has had a tough time of it in the press. He struggles to keep the marriage low key amidst claims that the Queen and other members of the Royal Family are not happy about the marriage. How might you feel? Finally, Prince Charles gets away from it all to spend some time with his sons on a skiing holiday. Even on holiday he and his family are not left alone. Whilst being an organised photocall, is it really any wonder that Prince Charles said the things he did?

These outspoken comments by the Prince might have actually done him no harm at all. Many people have been highly amused by the comments and the banter between the Prince and his sons. Finally, here it is, the human side of Prince Charles. In the face of mindless paparazzi and media gannets a pissed off Prince finally gets to speak his mind. Bravo Sir. Whatever anyone thinks of the Royal Family or their general views on the Monarchy there will be many people who will remember this event fondly. The press deserve all they get. Do I have any sympathy for reporters on the receiving end of this Royal outburst? Not at all.

Put yourself in Prince Charles position for just a moment. You are wealthy with two wonderful sons. For years you have put up with your private life being invaded and you have braved the torrents of abuse and the whims of the press over the years. A big event in your life is literally days away when you will marry the women you love and some dickhead asks you how you are feeling at the prospect of marriage? What possible answer is there other than that you are feeling very happy about that prospect? What a stupid question. What other inane questions would the Prince have to answer?

No, I think that had I been blessed with the trappings of loyalty I would not hanker after the day I might become king. My sense of duty to the nation would have waned with each tirade of criticism over the years. I think I might sit back, count my lucky stars and quite blatantly tell them all to f**k off and go home. Thats what I would do.

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