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Young adult books are a fast growing market and the readers are loving anything coming out. Come take a look at the top 5 best young adult books.

Right now,Guest Posting Young Adult is the fastest growing publication category, and it is no longer really just for the 12 to 18 age group. In fact, it is actually for readers above the age of 18 who buy 55% of Young Adult books. Classics demand attention, especially from proper adult readers, and the classification of “Young Adult” gives these “mature” readers a chance to turn young again. Whether you are still a young adult or not, here are some good books for young adults you should consider picking on your next trip to your local bookstore.

1. Divergent by Veronica Roth

By writing the first book of the Divergent series is how Veronica Roth made her entrance into the Young Adult scene. This dystopian thriller is one of the good books for young adults because of all the attractive consequences, heartbreaking betrayals, thrilling decisions and unforeseen romance. The book is set in dystopian Chicago world, where the book’s sixteen-year-old protagonist has to decide between staying with her family and join one of the five factions that the society is divided into.

2. Dream Caster by Najeev Raj Nadarajah

Dream Caster is another of those good books for young adults on this list set in post apocalyptic earth, specifically in Toronto, where everything has been destroyed after a great war. The book has a deeply woven adventurous story that revolves around the orphan protagonist, Weaver, who is extraordinarily poised as humanity’s last hope against an all-powerful villain. This book will exceed expectations because it goes on to explore more than just the carnage, death, misery and war of post apocalyptic life. 

3. The Fault in Our Stars By John Green

The Fault in Our Stars is the most aspiring and heartbreaking work by John Green yet. What makes it one of the good books for young adults is the fact that it is bold, disrespectful and raw, while fun, thrill and target of life and love have been explored. Ever since Hazel was diagnosed with cancer, her life has been anything but terminal. However, when she meets the gorgeous Augustus Waters at the Cancer Kid Support Group, not only the plot of the book but her own story is completely twisted.

4. The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

For 7 years, the Book Thief has been a New York Times bestseller and soon it will be brought to the big screen in the form of a major motion picture. Markus Zusak has also written I Am the Messenger in the past, which is another unforgettable book. The groundbreaking book is set during Worth War II Germany and revolves around the protagonist’s Liesel’s pursuit to learn to read and to share the wonder of books with those around her.

5. In Darkness By Nick Lake

What makes In Darkness one of the good books for young adults is the fact that it puts together two unlikely protagonists together who are separated by hundreds of years. Despite their differences, a bridge seems to emerge between a modern teenager trapped in the ruins of Port au Prince and Toussaint L'Ouverture, the black Haitan leader who comes to rescue him. The author unites these two to bring hope in their darkest suffering.

Whether you are a young adult or an adult, if you are stumped at finding good books to read, then consider reading one of the above good books for young adults.

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