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Article writing, marketing and submitting your articles to article directories is one of the most efficient ways to improve search rankings of your website.

It is often the only marketing method some of the top internet marketers are using to achieve higher rankings in search engine results. They are concentrating their marketing efforts on producing great quantity of quality articles,Guest Posting submitting them to top article directories and that is about it.

Article marketing consists of writing an article about a topic your website is covering. If you are for example having a site about pet care services, you can write informative articles on a wide range of subjects related to pets – obedience training, nutrition, health conditions, hair care, equipment for pets and many more. That article should have a link leading toward your site included in the article’s body or in the reference box of the article. Such article is then submitted to article directories, of which there are many on the Internet, and which represent a repository of great number of articles submitted by users.

You may be wandering what it is that makes article directory submissions such an effective method of internet marketing. Firstly, you will get a new back-link toward your website (the one which you included in the article’s body or in the resource box) for every article directory that publishes your article. Article directories also serve as a content hub and many webmasters are using them to find a relevant content for their own websites. This means that some of them can republish your articles to their website as well, meaning even more back-links for you. Consequently, the more article directories you publish your articles to, the more of back-links toward your website you’ll get. In order to get re-published on other sites, you will need to put an effort into writing a really high quality content, though.

Article directories that publish your article will have it published on unique pages, meaning that a link you included in your article’s body or resource box will be the only link (external link) on that page, so it will be given the full importance by crawling search engine spiders. If your article’s subject is relevant to the site to which it is linking, the importance the link gets will be even higher.
As it was mentioned earlier, article marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build back-links toward your site and achieve higher rankings in search engine results, so make sure to include this marketing method in your SEO strategy.

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