5 Management Lessons to Learn From Lord Krishna

Jan 12


Janvi Tyagi

Janvi Tyagi

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Management is now an integral part of one's life, be it home or office. It helps in making the best utilisation of one's resources, finances, outreach, planning and policies to get the desired results from the available potentials. Lord Krishna is a well-known philosopher, guide, friend and a leader, who had enlightened the world with his teachings.


During Mahabharata,5 Management Lessons to Learn From Lord Krishna Articles he advised Arjun in a very skilful & practical way, and his teachings are compiled in Bhagavad Gita, which is still followed in the present days. His style, preaching's and his farsightedness make him an exemplary icon & most extraordinary Management Guru, who was able to convert the circumstances in achieving the desired results. His theory of Bhakti and Good Karma is bestowed in Bhagavad Gita, which in itself embodies several management lessons for all to follow.  


He thus emerged as the management guru who imparted wisdom, strength, confidence and discipline to Arjuna during the Mahabharata war. In the present times, Bhagavad Gita excerpts are being quoted in motivational sessions being organised in corporate & business houses. Five such important management lessons to be learnt from Lord Krishna are detailed here below :



It is a well-known fact that knowledge grows when it is shared with others. A good leader shall share his knowledge and experiences with others so that they are well applied and utilised to derive the maximum desired results. Lord Krishna shared his learnings with Arjun in the Mahabharata war of Pandavas with Kauravas, which installed confidence in him, thus defeating the mighty Kaurav Sena.



The key to success is to have defined goals and ways to achieve them. A Manager should, therefore identify a definite goal to be pursued and should follow the path laid to complete it. Likewise, Lord Krishna had three concrete goals for his life, i.e. 1) to work for the welfare of others, 2) Fight and destroy the evil and 3) to establish and strengthen good principles in society. He further laid down that one should not get distressed while following the goals. Hence, a good leader should pray regularly in front of the Lord Krishna idol and follow the principles laid down in attaining one's goals.



To be successful in any venture/life, one should have a strategy which helps in giving an advantage over others and helping in achieving the set goals. Lord Krishna used strategies which solved every problem in life without many difficulties. He was very tactical in this skill and planned his actions in such a way that he always got success in life. Lord Krishna, very cleverly, asked Arjun and Duryodhana to choose between him (i.e. a Leader) and his army (i.e. his resources). Duryodhana chose his army, but in the absence of good leadership, lost the battle to Pandavas. Thus, his planned action helped Pandavas win the battle with their small army against Kauravas, who had a vast army. So to achieve the benefits of business & strategic planning, it's recommended that every business person should keep a brass Krishna murti on their work desk and start their day by praying to the lord.



One of the unique qualities attributed towards one's success is a discreet and effective communication skill. A good orator can influence others while interacting with them freely and effectively. Lord Krishna, through his effective oratory skills, guided and motivated Arjun and the Pandavas to serve the good and fight against the evil, without being affected by the results that lay underway, and made them stick to their path of goal and truth. At one time, while in the battlefield, Arjun got perturbed on seeing his relatives as his enemy, whom he shall have to kill to win this war. At this stage, Lord Krishna understood his mental status and very patiently guided him about the Good and the bad and motivated him to do his karma and win the battle. This rejuvenated Arjun and he not only fought the war but also got the victory in the same. Hence, the extraordinary managerial abilities of Krishna statue helped Pandavas win.




Lord Krishna’s life portrayed that one should always be down to earth and live a simple life, still doing the right and never be afraid of the outcome of one's efforts. He, despite being a supreme power, led a simple life among the ordinary people. He gave a message that one should always be humble, truthful and simple, which shall lead him to the progress in life.