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ARE YOU PROUD OF NOT HEARING GOD'S VOICE?I know I wasn't. Since everyone I knew didn't hear God's voice, I assumed this was normal. But I couldn't get rid of the yearning for God that was eating me u


I know I wasn't. Since everyone I knew didn't hear God's voice,Guest Posting I assumed this was normal. But I couldn't get rid of the yearning for God that was eating me up inside. I was bone dry in my spirit. Surely there was more to this Christian life than this death-valley existence! If only He would talk to me when I prayed to Him! Then I would have life. I would have strength, happiness, and purpose.

I remember that time very well, just as if it were yesterday. My mother and I regularly attended a local church. Oddly enough at about that same time frame my mother also hit a dry period in her walk with the Lord.

During this desert-like spiritual phase in my life, I recall making one commitment and two requests of God. The commitment was to remain faithful to Him all my life no matter what happened. The first request was for God to lead me out of this dry life and into a rich, abundant life with him. The second request was for Him to enable me to hear Him speaking to me.

When I was that bold to ask God to speak to me audibly throughout my life, I knew enough theology so that my request had to always glorify God. I was confident that God would speak to me audibly and that it would benefit me in His eyes. Whether that was sufficient to justify granting my request, I wasn't sure. So I prayed that somehow others would benefit by God's granting my request to hear Him speak audibly to me. I told Him that I had no idea how it could, but He knew. So He should go ahead and work it out so that I get my request and others would be blessed.

Not long afterwards God graciously delivered my mom and I out of that spiritual wasteland. Over time I grew closer to God. Without my really being aware of it, He began to speak to me. Initially it was a general leading, almost like intuition. Then came...


From 1978 to 1980 I used to listen to the radio station KEZY AM 1190. One reason I listened to it was for the music, and the other reason was for a particular Dee Jay. That Dee Jay was Strawberry Jan. One day while listening to her, God distinctly spoke to me. He spoke directly to my spirit. He told me to immediately begin praying for her. She was in great danger. That I was to pray for her often. So I did pray for her often.

About 15 years later I met the real Strawberry Jan. Her name is Jan Marie Tamburelli. She was at a church in Orange County, California, giving her testimony. It turns out that when I was told to pray for her, she was falling away from God just as her professional career was taking off. Then in 1984, about four to six years after God told me to pray for her, she was nearly killed in an automobile accident! To read the rest of her amazing testimony, you will have to pick up a copy of my book, HOW TO HEAR AND DISCERN THE VOICE OF GOD.

Can you imagine what kind of punishment I would have suffered this side of eternity for my wilful disobedience to His command? What kind of testimony would I have to share with her or you if I had disobeyed God's words to me? All I could say in hindsight is that I was just "waiting on the Lord" to figure out whether I heard His voice or someone else's voice. I could also give her and you some story about my having proper theology and being cautious above all else, that these were more important to me. I can guarantee you after having met Jan Marie, learning what she was going through at the time God spoke to me, and my not praying for her then, such a decision would have brought me great regret the rest of my life that I would suffer nearly daily.

What do you think would have happened to Jan Marie Tamburelli if I disobeyed God by not praying for her often? Would she have died? Or would she have certain injuries now that she doesn't have? Perhaps she would have rejected the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Ultimately it is your choice what kind of a world you want to live in by either hearing and obeying God's voice, or not hearing Him at all. What we do, fail to do, and our words certainly influence not only the people we deal with directly, but also many others that are indirectly connected. Perhaps the best non-biblical proof of what I am saying is the movie It's A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. So with that movie in your mind, let me ask you which village do you want to live in; Bedford Falls or Potterville? Bedford Falls is the city with men and women who choose to hear God's voice and obey His every word. While Potterville is filled with Christians who have chosen to never hear God's voice, and only talk at Him in prayer. Though they are saved, their fruit of the Spirit is minimal.

Over the course of my life God has taught me a lot about having a deeper relationship with Him. About hearing his voice in various ways. I believe I have a right to speak with authority about this, because I have proved everything I say by my own experience. Every exercise in my book I have done or am still doing. So you see, I don't ask you to do anything that I don't do.

Take a look at just some of what you'll learn from this incredible book about hearing God's voice.
* How to rocket launch your growth in God!
* How to recognize the voice of God.
* Amazingly simple ways to tell the difference between the voice of God's, the Devil, and your own.
* The eleven ways God speaks to us.
* Why those Christians who speak in tongues have an advantage over Christians who don't speak in tongues.
* The relationship between growing in the fruit of the Spirit and learning to hear God's voice.
* How to use a journal in your prayer life.
* Secret small group exercise that takes you from being stone deaf to hearing God's voice.
* The amazing exercise for individuals and small groups that works on multiple levels.
And much, much more.

I have put the fundamental principles of HOW TO HEAR AND DISCERN THE VOICE OF GOD into a home study book. As part of a special marketing test, I am setting the price to an unbelievably low $24.95 plus $6 S&H. I cannot say how long this test will last, so jump on the offer right away.

If you think that $24.95 is expensive, then think again. You can spend years listening to sermons, reading books, and going to retreats -- and you still won't be hearing from God the way this book will enable you!

Once you have grown and regularly hear God's voice, you will become a pillar of hope, joy, and strength in your church. People will be drawn to you, wanting what you have. Not because you are anything great of yourself, but because you have lifted up Christ in a way they've never seen.


No it isn't!!! Thank God because He has saved me through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ. I was baptised in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), attended five years of private elementary schooling at LCMS churches, received my first communion in the LCMS, and consistently got 90% (A) scores in my theology courses there. You can test everything I tell you in the book by the tests that God has given us to determine truth from falsehood. In fact, I give you many of the scripture quotations and explain their uses!

Consider also that much of what I teach you I learned from pastors sermons, bible courses, or their books. These pastors represented a variety of churches and denominations. My original contributions are in the book, as well as things I have been taught by the Holy Spirit.


That's fine. It's your choice what kind of a relationship you want to have with God while you are alive on Earth. As long as you have accepted the free gift of eternal life that God offers in His son Jesus Christ, then you are saved. May I state the obvious about relationships? If you never or rarely ever have a two way conversation with someone, there is no way that you can assert that you have a close relationship with that person. The more time you spend with someone, the more clearly you hear them talk to you, the more often you hear them share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions with you, then the closer relationship you have with that person. This is obvious, which is what I promised you.

Given the above, why do you think God is any different? Or what about Jesus Christ, who is God incarnate? Have they ever spoken audibly and in other ways to mankind? In both the Old and New Testaments? Do you really believe, as a central part of your theology, that you are never supposed to hear God's voice while you are alive on Earth? That prayer is supposed to be merely a forum for you to talk at God? And then He is supposed to get to work on your requests?


Excellent question! Simply put, the other books on hearing God's voice are straight forward prose books. The authors original material is in there along with scripture quotations, illustrations, and usually pastoral funny stories or jokes. And more often than not, they are written in a politically correct fashion so as to not offend anyone. If that is all you want, then those books are fine.

On the other hand, my book is the only one on the market that covers the topic thoroughly and provides functional exercises for individuals and small groups to do in order that they may start hearing the voice of God. I don't waste time, space, or money with illustrations and pastoral funny stories or jokes. These exercises are supported by scripture, and a continuous growth in the fruit of the Spirit by the participants. It will cover in greater detail why you should want to hear God's voice, the ways He speaks to us, how to discern His voice, the ways to hear His voice, and what to do with God's words He spoke to you.


And remember, Don't let the Devil rip you off!!!


P.S. There is nothing else like HOW TO HEAR AND DISCERN THE VOICE OF GOD on the market today. So when I say that you will be hearing the voice of God, I mean it. Order now and take advantage of my special price. You could become the next powerhouse testimonial and be featured on my upcoming web site! Order today.


Plus, as an added bonus, if you're one of the first 50 people to order I'll send you my Special Report on THE FIVE TESTS OF A TRUE PROPHET. This report gives the biblical citations and reasons why God has given us five tests we can use to evaluate any prophet. This special report normally sells for $15 but with your order it is free.

Additionally, you get the awesome testimony of lay evangelist Leslie Schofield. Listen carefully and she will tell you how God spoke to her before her life changing mission trip. This tape alone normally sells for $8, but with your order it is free.

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