Divine Intervention in Attempted Suicide

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Experience a story of divine intervention and how following your spiritual nudges can actually save the lives of the people you touch.

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"I need help!" The voice on the other end of the phone line sounded weak,Guest Posting groggy and frightenedit took a few seconds to figure out who was speaking. It was "Mary," a new friend. "Where are you, Mary?" I could tell that something was seriously wrong. "I'm in the General Hospital. Can you come and help me?"

As soon as I was able to leave the house, I drove to the hospitalall the while wondering: "Why did she ask for me? We hardly know each other."

I found Mary lying in a hospital bed that was totally disheveleddried vomit was obvious by appearance and smell. Her hair was wild and matted with more vomit. Her mascara had obviously smeared across the pillow. She was pale -- very pale -- and shaky.

"What has happened? Why are you here?" I asked.

"I tried to kill myself," she replied. "And everyone is angry with me. The nurses have not helped me comb my hair, or wash my face even."

"Tell me about it," I invited while I opened her nightstand and found the basin, soap and a washrag. I filled it wit warm water, then sat on her bed and began gently wiping the tears from her face.

"Roger and I split up," she began. "He had the kids this weekend and I was so depressed I took a whole bottle of sleeping pills. I wanted to die."

Considering the fact that Mary was barely five feet tall and weighed may be 95 pounds, I wondered if she had really ingested a full bottle of pills.

"How many did you take?" I asked softly.

"I'm not sure. They told me they found 34 pills undigested when they pumped my stomach."

"Oh, then someone found you right away?" I was being quite logical.

"No, actually, that's why I called you. I was not found until my husband brought the children home48 hours after I had swallowed the pills."

I was quiet for a few minutes as I took it all in. Rationally, that was not possible. Yet here she was alive, although a bit rough looking.

Her next comment really surprised me. "I thought of you right away. Remember the day you came to my house and told me that God loves me?" I nodded my head. "Well, my husband and I had a good laugh at you. We thought you were a 'nut-job' for doing that. But when I came to from having my stomach pumped, you and your words where flooding my mind. That's why I called you."

I had finished bathing her face, neck, chest and arms. I could not find a hair brush, so I took the comb from my purse and began gently combing her hair.

"Do you believe me now?" I asked kindly.

"Well, someone must love me. I should have died and well -- here I am alive."

Mary did live. In a few months she and her husband re-married and the last I heard they were expecting child number six!

As I reflect on this entire event, I can now see how Mary's soul had reached out to my soul when we first met. With my mind, I thought we had become friends because we were both doctor's wives with five children. Our family similarity had created a little "bond" between us. At that time, I was a little "missionary"full of faith in God and eager to share my faith with anyone who would listen. I had not yet learned the "golden rule" which states: "If they haven't asked the question, they don't want to hear the answer."

At the same time I was full of zeal, I was also paying attention to little "Spirit nudges"those soft, gentle nudges to do something that wasn't on my agenda for the day. Sometimes the nudge would be to phone someone and encourage or just listen to them. At other times the nudge would be stronger and I would stop in the middle of doing the dishes and go see that person. It was just such a nudge from Spirit that prompted me to visit Mary that day. Of course, my rational mind needed an excuse to visit her and the most important message of God's love was primary in my heart. So she got the whole speech! When I left her house that day, I simply turned it over to Spirit and did not worry about how well she received that "good news." I had done my part. And now, Spirit had done its part in demonstrating God's love to her and keeping her alive.

You may be wondering what this story has to do with the Law of Attraction. Actually, it has everything to do with the Law of Attraction on a deep soul level. When we first learn about the Law of Attraction, we become aware of how it workswe become conscious of it and we start monitoring our thoughts. That's a beginner's awareness: "LOA 101." Now, we are growing and evolving in our understanding that something inside us is a very powerful magnet and it is drawing to us situations which bypass our conscious mind.

This powerful magnet is our soul. Our subconscious mind is very connected to our soul. And our soul has a direct line of communication to our "supra-conscious mind" or Divine Mind. Our souls communicate with one another in ways our minds cannot grasp. It is very non-linear and on a very high level of consciousness that is wordlesspure vibration.

You don't have to be a guru meditating on a mountain top for hours every day to recognize your soul's messages to you. Just pay attention to those little "nudges," little "inklings," little "hunches"remember your soul needs your body to cooperate even though it does not make rational sense. You don't have to understand it; you just have to respond to the 'nudge.'

You may not realize how many people are alive today, because you followed that nudge and spoke kindly, bought them a meal or simply said a prayer for them. It could be the person standing in front of you at the bank has thoughts of suicide, yet their soul timed it so your soul would stand in close proximity.

Your soul is Life! Will you acknowledge your soul and choose to honor it to the best of your ability? Nothing more is required.

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