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A lot of people have opinions of what faith is but does anyone really know for sure? We expect that you will be among those who know for sure after reading this article because it really does explain it all quite nicely. Don't be surprised to find out that it is simpler than you think.

What is faith in God,Guest Posting how does one have faith in God, where does faith in God come from and what does faith do? These are some of the issues we hope to address and the questions we will try to answer in the course of this investigation. One might almost ask, who is this God we have faith in but let's settle the issue of faith before we take on a definition of God. Faith in its most basic sense is believing God but to believe God you must first know what He said. Once you have heard, then faith is as simple as taking God at His word. So what is this great thing God has spoken that we may believe, this brings us to the Gospel.

What makes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus such a watershed moment in the history of our species? That's an excellent question, and we are so glad you asked. An understanding of the ministry of Jesus is pivotal to comprehending the true nature of our race. But before we explore the ministry of Jesus let us ask: Why was this work necessary in the first place?

In order to simplify that question let us summarize. Before the advent of Jesus, mankind was subject to the authority of absolute darkness. The ministry of Jesus was to join our collective consciousness by taking on our form and rectify this situation by receiving into his soul the full measure of absolute darkness and then abolishing it by suddenly becoming the light of a thousand sun's. The Old Testament foretold of this glorious event and the New Testament witnesses to it. When religious folks speak of Jesus redeeming mankind, this is what they are talking about whether they know it or not. What did you think Jesus was doing while His body lie in the borrowed tomb, taking a vacation? Not even, he was receiving torment beyond measure, so that you wouldn't have to.

So, now that we have this understanding we can divide the ministry of Jesus into 3 areas, on the earth, in the earth and above the earth. Let us examine each of these a little closer and see what we find. The ministry of Jesus on the earth began when Abraham raised the knife. If you are familiar with this reference you know that Abraham sacrificed his promised son Isaac by faith and at the last moment a Ram was substituted. Did you know that Jesus was hiding inside that Ram when Abraham slaughtered it on the alter? God Himself had prepared this offering and it materialized at the exact moment it was needed. What happened in this exchange is that God obligated Himself to perform what He had promised through the obedience of a man. From this point on Jesus in human form is required to bring forth the deliverance of our species from mortality. PS, He got the job done. This brings us to the on earth ministry of Jesus in human form.

This ministry of Jesus is entirely subject to old covenant law; there are several reasons for this. First He had to do the impossible by perfectly fulfilling the law, this is what enabled Him to stand as our substitute under the law and receive our penalty in exchange for His innocence. Without this edge he would have stood condemned with all men and his sacrifice would have been meaningless. Second as the mediator of a better covenant He had to make the previous one obsolete by being it. So then, anytime you see Jesus in the Bible whatever He is doing or saying is in fulfillment of prophesy as He was the one prophesied. Which brings us to His ministry in the earth; this begins in the garden of Gethsemane.

In Gethsemane Jesus is receiving by faith the anointing of darkness by which He was to taste death for all men. This can be compared to turning down the light with a dimmer switch. The closer He got to the cross the more it got dialed down; until at last when his soul popped out of his body he was at the mercy of absolute darkness. No need at this point to detail the exact dynamics of that transaction, just suffice it to say that: "Jesus did not stay dead." His not staying dead is the source of our life regardless of how fervently we deny it.

Which brings us to His ministry above the earth, this is actually the most important part and where it really gets good. After overcoming death, hell and the grave Jesus traversed heaven and earth in fulfillment of obligatory prophesies and to clue His disciples in. Then He returned to heaven to take His place on the throne of the universe on our behalf. At the moment this occurred, it sent a resonance blast blowing out the heavenly Holy of Holies that impacted our planet on the day of Pentecost. This impact is directly responsible for the Immortality of our species as a whole and our personal salvation as well. Guess what else, all this took place 2,000 years ago and you are just now finding out about it.

So what is faith anyhow? According to God's Word our species has been made Immortal by the divine genetics of resurrected flesh. This makes it rather obvious as to what unbelief might entail, to reject your immortality is to call God a liar with your unbelief. If you are going to insult God at least disrespect Him intentionally with full knowledge that you are a blasphemer of the Covenant of One. At least that way you can play with ignorance without being ignorant. So what is faith, have we answered that question yet? Most likely better than you ever heard before and yet the questioning mortal mentality is never satisfied is it??? So what more can be said about this God we are? If we are in Christ then we are the Christ we are in, thus we are the Church Immortal that Body of Christ, which is the person of Jesus in the earth. Need still more words, how about Have A GOD Day, or perhaps our personal favorite: "Ignorance is the Enemy of the Church NOT its common denominator."

So what is faith apart from believing what God has said? Is there any such thing as faith apart from what God has said, it doesn't seem likely but I'll bet if we look hard enough we can find some mortal exception. The scriptures say: How can they believe unless they hear, how can they hear unless they are told and how can they be told unless one is sent to tell. Seems like we have been telling you off pretty good so far so why stop now. Faith apart from Gods Word is impossible because the voice of the Spirit speaks in your heart even while you read the words on the page. This is the word of God you must believe not the Bible story itself. God has made you One with Himself by virtue of His own POWER, deny it all you like but you cannot change it. Accepting Christ means accepting your own Absolute Self Value, this is the simplicity of the Gospel, like it or not.

So now that you know what faith is go ahead and be faithful to the voice that speaks with Thundering Silence, take your stand on Peace until Joy unspeakable leads you to the knowledge of Love. Christ in you is my hope of glory just as Christ in me is yours. Here's a novel concept: How about we get with the program!!! So what is faith? How about, instead of us telling you again, you just Believe God for yourself and find out.

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