How Can I be Immortal?

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Who would have guessed that Immortality was only a change of mind away? Best of all this True Mind allows you to think real thoughts that are not available to those using only their mentality.

Long answer short: "Because God Said So!" Well now,Guest Posting that says it all, what more is there to add that can say it any better? Since there is nothing that can say it better, let's say it again. How can I be Immortal: Because God Said So. So anyhow, we know how you mortals are, you can't just take God's Word for it. You've got to have proof and then you have to think about it some more and when you finally arrive at an idea that you think works, you refuse to go beyond that. So it really doesn't matter what God said because what you think is all important. So, long story short? I don't think so, looks like we are stuck in the wilderness going around this same old mountain again. We should just warp drive to the Promised Land but no such luck, so for the sake of you mortals, let's tell this short story long.

Of course you know that without Jesus our species could have remained mortal until doomsday. You should also know as well that: To make our Species Immortal by His Blood is why Jesus showed up on this planet. Now, let us give you your First Clue: Jesus got the job done and our Species HAS been made Immortal. OK so this may be a tough pill to swallow for some, especially those who want to believe in Jesus and stay mortal, and I'm sure Mr. T pities that fool, but not us. Shall we give you another clue and knock your socks off: Mortal Christians are Blasphemy against the New Covenant.

How can this be you may be wondering, surly I am not insulting God and calling Him a liar by insisting that I must die. Have you ever heard it said that: "The enemy of your Soul is a liar and that those who believe the lie are deceived." If not, you have just heard it now and we suspect that they were talking about you. Jesus came to make our Species Immortal, which is the Good News of the Gospel. What more can we add to that except to say: "Believe God or die like an ignorant mortal." It's a good thing blasphemy is forgiven but that doesn't benefit you unless you accept Christ.

How can I be Immortal? Well we have two answers now, because God said so and because that is what Jesus did for you. Do we need more answers still or are we beginning to recognize a pattern here. If God made us Immortal by the Blood of Jesus how can we still be mortal is the question you should be asking yourself, but we will stick to our inquiry.

If it is time to explain it all, then perhaps you should prepare to hear the Gospel for what may be the first time in your life. How can I be Immortal is the question and the definitive answer is Divine Genetics. The Bible speaks of the adoption as Sons but it refers to our having received the divine genetics in the resurrected flesh of Jesus. Born again also refers to the genetic code of our inheritance. Is anybody getting a clue yet??? We have inherited the genetic code of the resurrected Jesus which makes us the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is the only True Church and all mortal Churches are false. Ignorance is the Enemy of the Church and not its common denominator. The AD World began when God impacted the collective consciousness of our species by depositing His DNA into our gene pool. Guess what my friend, you just heard the Gospel and if you were already familiar with these facts, we apologize for assuming your ignorance.

So what does divine genetics have to do with me anyhow, you may be wondering. As we have seen, God impacted the collective consciousness of our species. Like it or not you are a part of the collective (Escape takes Skill) and cannot escape its influence. Thus whether you recognize it or not the collective is influencing you and you are influencing it at all times because that is how the system works. You thinking you are all alone apart from the collective is witness to the collective at work. Since you cannot escape the collective it may prove useful to learn how to operate in it.

To operate within the collective it must first be recognized that the collective is in operation. Only by personalizing your experience does it seem like it is you and not the collective at work. So the first step toward recognizing the truth is: Quit taking everything so personal. Of course without a conceptual handle for the Transconceptual reality of being Immortal you will be forever hindered by limitation.

So, how can I be Immortal? Are we ready for the definitive answer yet? Well, ready or not here it comes. Your Identity in Christ is how you not only can, but must be Immortal as well. Identity in Christ is the definitive definition of Immortality and is an ever present reality being denied and not some goal to attain. So we could leave it at that and say: "Identity in Christ, question answered" and just leave you hanging. But instead let's explore the content of those words and see what it really means because that is the most important part.

Identity in Christ is another name for the Gospel of God UNION. The problem with God UNION is that it leaves no room for relationship. Where all is one there can be no two to relate independently. This is only a problem if you insist on remaining mortal as you must somehow relate to the oneness you deny, can you see the problem with that? Union with God is the Gift Freely given by Jesus (Read your Bible) and is the sum total of the Gospel. If you have ever sat in church wondering; is there more, well guess what, you just found it. Welcome to New Reformation, now reform.

The Gospel of One is the New Covenant and denial of God Union is the sin of Unbelief. That must bring us to the Final Answer to our question and that is the proper definition of sin. Unbelief is the only sin in an AD world and unbelief is defined as denial of God UNION. With just this one definition, doesn't everything seem so much simpler? The Truth is not confusing it is only mortals who would confuse the truth. So then, assuming the whole world lies in unbelief because everyone considers themselves mortal. We shall assume as well that unbelief is your present disposition and where you must begin. Assuming again that your mortal image of self is in opposition to absolution through denial of God UNION, we must have some paradigm of relationship in order for you to relate to the unity you reject. This has been the problem all along hasn't it; creating a concept for the inconceivable so that we can talk about it. So create any relationship you are comfortable with recognizing that they are all false no matter how useful, and then use it to progress to Union. When you arrive at Union the false will no longer be necessary. Because in our world the false is no longer necessary we can say: "Have A GOD Day, and make that our Final Answer.

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