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If you will consistently apply this method over and over, this kind of thinking and corresponding action will replace your current belief system with a new one.

Those who are always expecting things to go wrong have an expression that they like to use. When something goes amiss,Guest Posting they chime in and say, "It figures."

Now of course they have other expressions too. At times, they use similar expressions like, "I knew that would happen" or, "I never get a break!"

Have you ever stopped to consider that expressions like that are a pretty good indication of a defeated mindset? Yes, I said, defeated mindset! Think about if for a minute. If, "it figures," then that means according to all the calculations it was supposed to go wrong!

Likewise, if you "knew that would happen," then you were expecting it to happen that way. And, if you "never get a break," then you are never expecting a break! That's because you have a defeated mindset.

In my observation of people over the years in trying to help, I have noticed that those who choose to do nothing about their defeated mindset continue to experience defeat in their lives. Their thinking remains defeated, lousy things keep happening to them, and they consistently respond with negative statements.

I am not saying this to be critical. In contrast, I hope that in being blunt, I may cause someone to consider their mindset. And if so, then that could lead to a positive change, and that's a good thing.

How we choose to respond is much more important than all the things that "happen to us." And really, the truth is that so many times our reaction is a good indication of our mindset. That is important to note!

Sometimes in life, something unexpected and unpleasant comes up. Some people react with a defeated mindset and say things like, "It figures." Others try to figure out who is to blame, how it happened, and why it happened. Others get upset and angry and spend all their energy focusing on the problem.

But, there are those who choose to respond differently. These people choose to be solution oriented. Their mindset is one of victory and success, not of failure and defeat.

Yes, a problem may very well exist. Yes, someone is responsible for it happening. But, now, what is the solution? What course of action needs to be taken to get things back on a positive course? What is the solution?

Being solution oriented is both positive and constructive because you get to the solution much quicker and with less stress. You will not be wasting precious time and energy spinning in negative circles that profit nothing.

So, here's a test that you can take! The next time something unpleasant comes up, whether it is something small or something big, take note of just how you react. Take careful note of your thoughts. It will be an excellent indicator of your own mindset and your core beliefs.

If they are negative and indicate a defeated mindset, you can change them! You weren't born that way. Every time you find yourself thinking that way, consciously tell yourself that you have chosen to not think and act that way anymore. You have decided to think and act differently. You have chosen to be positive and to be solution oriented.

If you will consistently apply this method over and over, this kind of thinking and the corresponding action will replace your current belief system with a new one. You'll know when that transformation has taken place when you find yourself automatically responding in a positive, solution-oriented way.

Even when you are faced with very unpleasant situations, first, stop and ask God to help you to find a solution. Then actively pursue the solution. Dynamic Christian living is choosing to be positive and choosing to look for a solution.

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