In Search of Exemplary Individuals with High Moral Stature

Jan 23


Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

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In a world teeming with diverse personalities, there exists a quest to identify those rare individuals who embody the essence of true spirituality and courage. These are the people who, forsaking material wealth and property, have cultivated within themselves the virtues necessary for genuine success. They are the ones deemed worthy of inheriting a legacy far more valuable than any tangible asset—a legacy of inner fire and fulfillment that lasts an eternity.

The Call for Valiant and Responsible Individuals

The Yug Nirman Mission,In Search of Exemplary Individuals with High Moral Stature Articles with its ambitious goal of completing 100 tasks, recognizes that the transformation of an era cannot be achieved by a few individuals alone. It requires a collective effort to instill a flow of noble thoughts into the global consciousness. This mission is not just about local or isolated change; it's about inspiring the entire human society to embrace goodwill and pursue true human glory. The success of this mission hinges on the widespread adoption of these sacred ideals, which is why it is imperative to spread this divine light in every corner of the world.

According to the Global Peace Index 2021 by the Institute for Economics & Peace, the average level of global peacefulness deteriorated for the ninth time in the last 13 years, indicating a pressing need for initiatives that promote peace and goodwill. Institute for Economics & Peace

The Price of True Success and the Legacy of Spirituality

The pursuit of true success is not measured by material gains but by the accumulation of spiritual wealth. The legacy that is passed on to the deserving is not one of physical riches but a spark of enlightenment that promises eternal fulfillment. This intangible heritage is considered priceless, and those who attain it are said to achieve a state of everlasting contentment.

The Call to Action for the Courageous

In times of awakening and transformation, it is the valorous who must step forward. The Yug Nirman Mission emphasizes that the upcoming revolution will not be led by political leaders but by spiritual volunteers. The mission seeks strong, capable hands to manage its responsibilities, calling upon members of the global family to unite and take up their designated roles. The historical significance of such movements is underscored by the fact that those who contributed to India's political freedom in 1947 are remembered as immortals. Similarly, today's contributors to intellectual, ethical, and societal revolution will be revered for their efforts.

The Red Torch of Era Transformation

As the current program draws to a close, the search intensifies for individuals who can carry on the mission as true soul companions. The responsibility of era transformation, symbolized by a red torch, must be passed on to those who are steadfast in their commitment to the well-being of the global family. This transition is guided by a Great Divine Power, which directs the path forward.

The Need for Intellectually Great People

The future requires individuals of great character who can influence the world more significantly than those who fought for India's political freedom. The creative tasks ahead demand skills and capabilities beyond those needed for combat. The coming days will call for high-caliber intellectuals whose radiant talents can illuminate the entire environment.

The Distinction Between Being a "Big Shot" and a Great Person

The aspiration to become a great saintly personality is considered the true success of personal living and the great fortune of world society. The current global situation cries out for such great saintly personalities, as their absence has led to distortion and ruin in every aspect of human life. The establishment of a divine society of great saintly people is seen as the ultimate goal, and only through the emergence of such individuals can the world's problems be fully overcome.

Preparing for the Next Steps of the Mission

The Yug Nirman Mission is gearing up for creative and struggle-based procedures that will require the dedication of hardworking, skillful, and wise individuals. These people must be willing to devote their time and energy to the mission, renouncing narrow-minded selfishness in favor of world well-being. The sacred land of India is believed to be abundant with such awakened individuals.

The Requirement for Men of Sacred Austerities

The mission calls for men of great austerities, full of truth and goodwill, to create new possibilities and take on the role of era sculptors. These individuals are expected to exhibit the same valor as legendary figures like Hanuman, Angad, and Arjun, sacrificing their personal interests for the greater good.

The Need for Resources and Commitment

The fight against spiritual ignorance demands various resources, including public power, intellectual power, and wealth power. Members of the Yug Nirman Family are urged to minimize their personal obligations and dedicate their time and resources to this cause. The mission appeals to the youth, who possess the strength and willpower to undertake yoga, austerities, and selfless service.

The Search for Crest Jewels of Humanity

The mission is on an intense search for exceptional individuals who can be strung together like jewels to adorn the Era Consciousness. These great souls are being invited to rise and demonstrate their valor in times of peril, distinguishing themselves from those who shy away from their righteous duties.

The Aim of Re-Congregating

The Yug Nirman Family aims to awaken, organize, and activate its members, transforming inactive individuals into active participants. The goal is to encourage those who have shown faith in the mission's ideals to become more involved and work alongside the mission's leaders.

The Need for Divine Consciousness Relations

The mission seeks to establish relationships based on divine consciousness rather than perishable bodily connections. Those who understand and are passionate about the mission's thought flow are considered true members of the Era Creation Family, regardless of their personal acquaintance with the mission's leaders.

The Responsibility of Awakened Souls

Awakened souls are being called upon to shoulder their responsibilities seriously. The mission is using the sacred flames of Deep Yajnas to illuminate the path and search for these precious individuals. The hope is that these radiant souls will step forward and take their rightful place in the mission's great tasks.

In conclusion, the Yug Nirman Mission is a clarion call for individuals of high moral stature to come forward and contribute to a global transformation. The mission seeks those who are willing to forsake personal gains for the sake of a higher purpose, embodying the virtues of courage, wisdom, and selflessness. It is a search for the true inheritors of a legacy that transcends material wealth, offering instead a spark of divine enlightenment that promises eternal fulfillment.

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